Friday, March 22, 2019

Canine Companions for Independence Photo Shoot

CCI was looking for new photos to use in print and online so they asked us to come in for a fun photo shoot. Here are some of my favorites.

 Hallow had to do the "lap" command about a dozen times. Baby girl was so over it by the time we were done!

 She loves to give kisses. She will even "kiss" on command. It's so cute.

Why does my first born look like a man suddenly?!

 Hallow was such a good sport. We did have to bribe with treats after about 30 minutes.

So cute.

This is one  of my favorites. Such a sweet moment. 

This was such a neat experience. We are so thankful for Hallow and for CCI. We were honored that they wanted to include us in this project.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Our week in Ruidoso, New Mexico

We recently had the opportunity to spend a week in Ruidoso, New Mexico. We certainly couldn't pass up the chance to go somewhere we've never been. We've had a lot going on in our day-to-day so it was really nice to get away and have a change of scenery. We decided before we even left that we were going to spend a lot of time hanging out and doing nothing. Usually when we travel we try to cram as much as we can into the time that we have. We did the opposite for our week in New Mexico. We spent a whole lot of time doing nothing, but still making sure to do a few fun things while we had the chance. It was a nice balance of rest and fun.

 Here's our cute home for the week. 

The view from out back patio.

Pine trees everywhere.

Benjamin exploring the area behind our cabin. 

Shooting Nerf darts off the patio. 

We saw deer outside our cabin almost every morning and we would see elk every time we drove into town. The boys loved that. It was so funny because the deer and elk just acted like they owned the place. They would stroll slowly across the street expecting cars to wait. They were in front yards and on a golf course. 

The weather was beautiful while we were there. The mornings and evenings were quite chilly but the days were sunny and in the mid to upper 50's. 

I just couldn't get enough of the trees. It is such a pretty area.

We hit up a candy shop in town.

We only saw wooden bears during our stay. 

See, elk on a golf course!

One day we decided to trek a ways from Ruidoso into Alamogordo to see the White Sands National Monument.
We drove an hour and half to see the White Sands. This place is truly beautiful. I was so excited because it had an accessible boardwalk....only to find out when we arrived that the boardwalk was shut down. 

 Wheelchairs and sand are not friends. 

 He just ditched the chair and worked his way up the sand dunes. 

White sand for miles.

 Sand angel.

The boys loved this place so much. It was definitely the highlight from our trip.

 Just gorgeous. 

We ate plenty of good food while we were there.

We went bowling at the tiny 10 lane bowling alley.

We did a puzzle. 

We had yummy donuts.

And we drove up a mountain to see the view and check out some snow at Ski Apache.

It's windy on the mountain!

All-in-all a great vacation spot. 

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