Friday, October 06, 2017

Gulf Shores Beach Photo Shoot

Get ready for some stunning photos!

Good grief, he is so cute.

My handsome first born.


One of my favorites.

Love the sunlight.

 I love these captured moments. 

The boys got to see a manta ray up close. 

This may be my favorite of all the photos.


My baby.

My boys.

If you are ever in the Orange Beach/Gulf Shores area, I highly recommend K.B Photography.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Gulf Shores Alabama: Day 7

Day 7, our last day in Gulf Shores. We crammed as much as we could in this last day.

First things first, the beach.

Our last fort.

Benjamin wanted to try out the slide at the outdoor pool.

The water was freezing!

A fish named Caleb.

Grandma and Caleb. 

We spent most of our last day in the water. We ate out one last time and then headed to Orange Beach for a photo shoot. I am blessed to have some very sweet people in my life. A friend and fellow SB mom arranged for us to have a family photo shoot on the beach with her sister, who is a professional photographer. Completely free of charge. The photos are going to be gorgeous and I can't wait to see them. Stay tuned.

Sunset on Orange Beach.

I promised the boys ice cream if they did well during the photos.

That's it folks. It was a fantastic trip at a beautiful place.

Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores Alabama: Day 6

We took a short road-trip to Pensacola, Florida to see the Blue Angels practice and the Navial Aviation Museum. This may have been one of my favorite things from our trip.

The show was quite loud. 

Future Blue Angel? He did say he wants to join the Navy because "I like boats and planes." 

The Navial Aviation Museum was really cool...and free! Benjamin loved it.

Again, I loved the history here. We saw planes from WWI (which we just studied) and WWII (which we will study this year).

Looking at an actual rock from the moon.

After a fun morning looking at planes, we grabbed some lunch....

...and hit the beach!

His abs are ridiculous. He's 12 ya'll. I am so thankful Caleb has a PT that consistently works on his core, it has made a world of difference in his strength and posture.

More fort building.

Frisbee fun!

Beachin' until the sun goes down. 

Gulf Shores

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