Sunday, April 19, 2015


Every spring bluebonnets appear all over Texas. They line the highways and there are fields of beautiful bluebonnets. They are gorgeous. Unfortunately, they only last a few weeks so you have to take advantage and get some photos before they disappear.

Rollin' on the trails.

A field of bluebonnets.

Um, I guess Benjamin needed to pee or something....

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

To walk or not to walk...that is the question

Every 6 months Caleb's physical therapist does a re-evaluation. Caleb's progress over the last few months is discussed and goals are reviewed. I've always hated therapy evaluations but I understand they are necessary for insurance. Therapists have to be able to show that there is progress and evaluations make that possible. Currently Caleb has a therapy goal of being able to walk in his KAFO's for 5 minutes without stopping.

Caleb can do it...but he hates it. He doesn't like walking with his KAFO's. He doesn't like walking. It's hard, awkward, and cumbersome. Honestly, it's not's simply walking for the sake of walking. He hates it. 

As we are getting ready for a therapy re-evaluation next week and knowing that we will have to set goals, I asked Caleb if walking is important to him. 

His answer without hesitation: No. 

Walking is not important to him. He's 9 years old and I think he is old enough to be a part of his goal planning. He should get a say. And he says "no" to walking. I get it. I really do. Walking is really hard work for him. And he needs a lot of support to do it. Even when he was walking really well (before the tethered cord surgery 3 years, has it been 3 years?!) he would choose his wheels over his walker when given the choice. After that surgery he lost everything. He had to start all over. He's had to work so hard to gain back even some of what he lost. I was hopeful that he would gain back the ability to walk but then weeks turned to months...and now years. I'm not so hopeful now. And honestly, I'm okay with that. I've never had a problem with his need for a wheelchair. I love his wheelchair. It is independence, speed, confidence and mobility. It is a blessing. 

I'm okay if he never walks again. But I want him to be okay with that. I think he is. Walking isn't important to him. I respect that. I'm actually relieved to hear him say it. I feel like a weight has been lifted. 

I think he felt the same way. 

I'm glad I asked.


I love having zoo passes! We can go to the zoo whenever we want, even at a moments notice. We made a spontaneous afternoon trip to the zoo this past weekend. We even had daddy with us this time.

The boys refused to pose behind the sign. So daddy did.

The boys refused to sit on the gorilla. So daddy did.

Porcupines are very strange looking creatures. Proof God has a sense of humor.

Admiring a vulture.

"Stairs! Really!"
I love the look on his face. 

He was all about posing for the camera. 

Leaning on a tree pose. 

We had a great afternoon at the zoo! 

Thursday, April 09, 2015

WCMX and scooter ridin'!

We took the boys out to the skate ramps again this week. 

Benjamin was all over the place with his scooter. He had so much fun.

He got brave and attempted some new ramps this week. 

I love how his little curls are peeking out from his helmet. 

Caleb isn't a daredevil usually (which is so fine with me) but even he attempted some new ramps. 

Love this. Love him.

Showin' off. 

Easter at Granny and Paw-Paw's

We had our annual cook-out and egg hunt at Granny and Paw-Paw's this past weekend. The boys absolutely love going out there and, as expected, they had a great day. It was a full day of cousins, food, exploring, egg-hunting, and basketball.

Nikki always gets a fair share of love.

Caleb pretty much played basketball the entire day. 

The kids loved the horses next door.

The day included a lot of adventuring and exploring with cousins.

Egg hunt.

This kid found the "golden egg" with $10 inside. He was so excited.

The child pretty much ran all day long. 

Caleb was able to feed the horse a carrot.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Mission: A service dog for Caleb...another update

Quick update on the service dog application process. I found out last week that we have moved to the final step in the application process, the personal interview! We will hear something in the next few weeks about when the interview will take place. If we pass the interview then Caleb's name will be placed on the waiting list for a service dog. So exciting!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Starting a business...

Unless you are new here, you know that I have made cardboard creations for Caleb's Halloween costumes over the years. Unless you are really new here, you know that these cardboard creations received quite a bit of attention last October. It was a wild ride for sure but we were old news by November 1st!

I've been told more than once that I should make wheelchair costumes and sell them. I've always just brushed that off because I'm not the only one that makes cardboard creations for wheelchairs...and I'm certainly not the best. I think what I do is relatively simple and easy for anyone to do. But not everyone wants to do it. Some folks would just like to buy it.

So after much encouragement from some sweet ladies and small business owners, I've decided to start a business.

I've read, researched, taken notes....then read, researched and taken more notes. I'm still at the very beginning stages of this process but I do have a very doable plan. I really believe this could be successful. I might not make millions or anything but I think I'll sell a few costumes at least. Plus I have a lot of fun making these creations and I'll be providing something that isn't available. I'm excited about it. My brain is very busy these days with ideas and possibilities. I can't wait to really get started.

I decided to "share" my journey with this business on Facebook. You can see the Wheelie Awesome Costumes page by clicking here. I'm just using this page as a platform to share the process and hopefully create some anticipation for when products become available. I'll be working on some creations very soon. So stay tuned...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


The boys hit the ramps again last night. I love that we have WCMX so close to us. It's such a fun sport and I love watching all the kids get on the ramps. We are very blessed to have RISE Adaptive Sports in our area.

All suited up and ready to go.

As always, Benjamin makes his own fun on the ramps.

He's so cool...he knows it too.

Benjamin decided to get his own set of wheels this time. He took that scooter all over the place. He is now asking for his own skateboard. 

Some fast flying down the ramps. 

Zoo with friends

We are taking a little break from school and enjoying the beautiful spring weather. We made a trip to meet up with some friends at the zoo. Imagine 6 boys and 3 moms...the moms were outnumbered!

Benjamin is as tall as an Emperor Penguin. 

If there is a fence...boys will try and climb it. 

Feeding the giraffes. 
Funny story here: I handed all the kids these giant crackers (giraffe food) so they could feed the giraffes. I turn around and Benjamin takes a huge bite out of the cracker! He was pretty upset when he found out that he had just eaten giraffe food! He wasn't the only one though, I saw several other kids doing the same thing. 

My little bird lover.

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