Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006

This is Caleb's first "real" Christmas. He was only 4 months old last Christmas so he didn't have a clue what was going on. He is 16 months now and while he still doesn't know what it is all about, he seemed to enjoy tearing the paper off the gifts. He got a ton of toys this year! He doesn't know what to do with all the new toys he has and neither do I! It was a busy Christmas weekend, we had to make the rounds so that everyone could see Caleb. It was hectic but Caleb is always so good and took everything in stride. I think it caught up to him though because he now has a terrible cold. I'm sure that next Christmas will be even more fun for him and for us. Christmas is so exciting when you have a little one.

Fishy Face!

Every couple of weeks Caleb discovers a new face and the "fishy face" is his most recent silly face. He makes the "fishy face" throughout the day and wants us to make the face back to him. I don't know where he learned how to do it but we think it is pretty cute. I'm sure he will discover a new silly face soon.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

SBA Christmas Party

Glenn and I took Caleb to a Spina Bifida Association Christmas Party today. It was really nice to meet other parents that understand what it is like to have a child with SB. I feel like an alien sometimes around other moms because I feel like my life is so different (even though I have much more in common with other moms than differences). It is always nice to talk to people that have a similar story and know first hand what it is like. We saw all kinds of kids there (some encouraging, some not). SB is so different for each person. It seems that no two are alike. We had a good time and we are glad that we went. Caleb got to meet Santa, he didn't cry but as you can tell from the picture he wasn't too sure about this strange man holding him.

Saturday Morning Bed-Head

We can always tell if Caleb slept good by the way his hair looks the next morning. This is some serious bed-head, which means he slept pretty good last night. Caleb is eating his second breakfast in this picture. He gets seconds on Saturday mornings because he wants his cereal when he wakes up but he also wants a little bit of mommy and daddy's breakfast too. He just got through eating some scrambled eggs in this picture. Yummy!
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