Saturday, May 26, 2007

Caleb and his buddies

Caleb had a playdate yesterday with his buddies; Ethan, Bryce, and Nathan. It's fun watching our boys together, although they don't really play with each other at this age (they just steal each other's toys). I can't wait to watch them as they get older and begin to really play with one another. How cute will that be? They don't know it yet but they are so blessed to have each other. They will always have a buddy to turn to who understands what it's like to have Spina Bifida and all the challenges that go with that. It's neat to see how they each have different personalities and I'm excited to see them growing up together. I think the boys had a good time. Caleb really enjoyed playing in the ball pit, I think he felt like he and his toys were safe in there. He also enjoyed the "sit n' spin", although there really wasn't any spinning, just sitting. Us moms have the most fun though, we get to talk about all kinds of things (99% of which was about our boys). What a huge blessing for us mom's to have each other as well. Thank you ladies!

Distraction from the storm

Caleb gets a little nervous when storms move through. He doesn't mind the rain but the high winds and thunder make him a little uneasy. When a thunder storm came the other night, I gave Caleb his IPOD to help distract him. He sat and listened to Newsong (a Christian group) until the storm passed. It kinda made me think about how we all need some distraction when we are faced with storms in our lives.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Cash's Birthday Party

Caleb went to his friend Cash's 1st birthday party this afternoon. His party was at Rocky Top Ranch. It is a really neat therapy ranch that works with kiddos that have physical disabilities. There were horses, goats, sheep, a rooster and even a pot-belied pig! Caleb liked watching the animals but got a little scared when the goats started "talking". He didn't ride a real horse but as you can see he got to play on the monkey bars, horse swing and the slide. Caleb seemed to have a good time, his other friends, Ethan and Bryce were also there. Caleb hadn't had a nap all day and as you can see he was pretty tired. He fell asleep in less than 2 minutes once we got in the car! Now that is a tired boy!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Trip to the Zoo

Caleb had his first trip to the zoo today. Glenn took the day off so we could enjoy the absolutely beautiful weather by going to the Fort Worth Zoo. We couldn't have asked for better weather, it was gorgeous today. We had such a good time. Caleb loved riding in the red wagon that he borrowed from his friend Ethan (it looks like we might need to get us one). We stayed for about 3 hours and Caleb did so well. He loved seeing all the different animals, I think the birds were his favorite. He enjoyed watching them fly around. He also loved watching all the other kids running around everywhere. Caleb was exhausted by the time we got to the car, we had a hard time keeping him awake on the way home. He is now taking a nice long nap, and so is his daddy.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bubble bath with daddy

Caleb and his daddy took a bubble bath together last night and I had to include this sweet picture on the blog. Caleb loves his bath time, he splashes like crazy and gets water everywhere! He's so sweet. Caleb is so blessed to have a daddy that wants to take a bubble bath with him. Glenn likes to take advantage of these opportunities while Caleb is young because we know that one day very soon he is going to be so big and so independent that he isn't going to need us like he does now. One day he'll be too big for our laps and too big for us to carry him to bed. One day he won't be as generous with his hugs and kisses like he is now. We are enjoying every sweet and precious moment with our son, he fills our heart with such joy.

Tea for Joy

Caleb and I met up with Ethan and his mom Marissa at the "Tea for Joy" fund raiser yesterday. This organization raises money for the Spina Bifida Association. It was founded by a women named Julie who had a daughter, named Joy, that was born with SB but she passed away at the age of 4 months. It was a privilege to be a part of this event, what a wonderful organization. There were several guest speakers, a live auction, a raffle and plenty of food (Caleb ate the ENTIRE time). It is usually a mother/daughter event but they decided to include some boys this year. Caleb and Ethan were the only boys there!! Our table was the Disney "Cars" theme, it was so cute and the boys got to take home a couple of cars.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Caleb's new buddy Nathan

Well Caleb made a new friend yesterday. This is Nathan he is about 6 months older than Caleb and he also has Spina Bifida. Nathan and Caleb had a playdate at the park and it went very well. Nathan arrived in his mobile stander and that boy is a pro! He was all over the place in that thing! In these pictures the boys are playing in the wood chips. Nathan would toss some wood chips onto Caleb's legs and then he would reach over and wipe them off. It was cute to watch them together. We are so blessed to have such beautiful boys. What a precious gift from God. It was nice meeting Nathan's mom, they live close to us which will make getting together for future playdates easy. There are also some pictures of Caleb in the swing, he enjoyed swinging but was holding of for dear life! Look at his beautiful face. I know I have said that before but really, have you ever seen anything sweeter than that face? I know every parent thinks that their child is the most beautiful child on the planet but I really think Caleb is!!
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