Saturday, July 14, 2007

Big Brother Caleb

Very big news in the McLelland household! Caleb is going to be a big brother! He will have either a little brother or sister in Mid-March. We bought him this shirt as a cute way of letting family know, we had a busy day driving to see all the grandparents. It took them a minute to understand what his shirt meant, they had to read it out loud a couple of times before they got it. It was pretty funny. As you all know, Caleb has Spina Bifida so we are just asking that everyone lift up prayers that this precious baby will be healthy, that the delicate spinal cord will form just the way it is supposed to. The spinal cord forms very early in the pregnancy so please start those prayers soon. We are very excited about the new addition to our family and we know that Caleb will be an outstanding big brother. I happened to read this verse during my quite time today so I thought I would share it.

"Before I made you in your mother's womb, I chose you."
Jeremiah 1:5
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