Friday, December 28, 2007

Playing with Playdough

Caleb got a ton of playdough for Christmas and his new table is a great place for him to sit or stand and use his playdough. I got some cute pictures of him just sitting at his table, playing with playdough. We must have sat there for an hour playing with that stuff. I swear he has an amazing attention span for a 2 year old. When he is really interested in something he will play so attentively. I even enjoyed making different things out of playdough, of course Caleb would just smoosh everything I made, I guess that's what boys do. You can see his walker is next to the table, he is doing sooo good with his walker and braces. He walked (with braces and walker) all the way across the room to get to his table...all by himself. He moves slow but he no longer needs us to hold onto him or help him. He will be a pro at that in no time at all. I'll try to post some video of him walking with his braces and walker soon. We are just so proud of him.

Christmas #4

Well Caleb had his 4th (and hopefully final) Christmas a couple of nights ago. He got to see Grandpa, Aunt Taylor, Aunt Morgan, Great-Aunt Donna, MeMe and Papa. As you can see Caleb got his first motorcycle, well it's actually a tricycle but Caleb thinks its a motorcycle. He loves it, he would probably sit on it all day if I let him. His feet don't touch the petals or anything but he still enjoys rocking back and forth on it.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas #2 & #3

Here are some more Christmas pictures. The first ones are from this morning at our house. Caleb got a big train table, Curious George DVD's, and an Ernie and Elmo. He is REALLY into Elmo right now, he sleeps with him every night. I personally like the picture of Caleb and Ally together, Ally doesn't often get that close to Caleb so I had to take advantage of her being right next to him (she was very curious about all the wrapping paper and ribbons). After our little Christmas here we went to see Gammy, Grandpa, Aunt Rachel, and Uncle William. Caleb got about 20 presents there! As soon as he got one present opened another one was put in front of him, he didn't know what was going on! All in all I think Caleb had a good time, it was fun to see him open all of his gifts and then get excited about each one. As of right now I think the train table and the new Thomas the train set are his favorite toys. Of course that could change tomorrow!

The King Lives!

For all you Elvis fans out there, here is a picture of Caleb doing his Elvis impersonation. When we ask Caleb to do his "Elvis Face", his lip goes up and his nose crinkles, it's pretty funny (this picture doesn't quite do it justice). Pardon the milk on his chin, he was eating breakfast at the time (forgive the crazy bed-head as well).

Eating Corn on the Cob

We got some cute pictures of Caleb really chowing down on some corn on the cob. He doesn't really eat corn unless it is on the cob, I guess it is just more fun to eat it this way. I even got a picture of father and son enjoying their corn on the cob together.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas #1

Caleb had his first round of Christmas presents the other night with Grandma. He definitely has a better understanding of the whole thing this year. He had no trouble ripping off the wrapping paper this time around. He got several good toys from grandma. He loves the "sit 'n spin", but the thing is barely big enough for him to sit on. It's not the same "sit 'n spin" Glenn and I grew up with. We are trying to locate an original "sit 'n spin" for Caleb so that his booty doesn't slip right off. He even let Elmo take a spin with him! I think Caleb enjoyed his first round of Christmas presents!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Outside in the Mobile Stander

We took advantage of the semi-warm weather yesterday and went outside. Caleb loves being outside in his mobile stander. His favorite thing is to speed down the driveway, often backwards! I have to stand at the end of the driveway to stop him from flying into the street. The stander really allows him to experience movement that he can't do on his own. Going really fast in his stander is his way of "running". The wheels kinda serve as legs for Caleb. We are so blessed to have this kind of equipment available for Caleb to use. He loves it. The bottom picture is of Caleb discovering his shadow. He would wave his arms in the air just to watch his shadow do the same. It was pretty cute. He's pretty cute.

By the Christmas Tree

Here are a few pictures of Caleb by the Christmas tree. The first picture was taken when we were trying to get the perfect picture for our family Christmas card, unfortunately it is impossible to keep a 2 year old still so we never got a "perfect" picture. I thought this one was pretty cute though. I also got a couple of pictures of Caleb standing by the tree in his braces. He loved being able to reach the ornaments on the tree. The braces really allow him to see things from a different perspective. He is doing so great with them too. He isn't on his own yet but he is able to take a few steps with his walker and braces without any help from us. We know that he will get the hang of it eventually and will be getting around well. We are just so proud of him.
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