Thursday, January 31, 2008

Standing at fridge

Here are a couple of pictures of Caleb standing at the fridge with his braces on. He loves to stand at the fridge and play with his Leap Frog magnet toys. The Leap Frog phonics toy has really helped with his speech, he imitates the different sounds. Anyway I thought he looked so big standing at the fridge.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stock Show 2008

Well we wrapped up our weekend by going to the Stock Show this afternoon. Caleb loved seeing all the different animals, he got to see cows, bulls, goats, rabbits, horses and chickens. He loved the horses and was even brave enough to pet one, he went so far as to stick his finger up one of the horse's nose! He also got to see one of the biggest turkeys I've ever seen. He liked the turkey until it "gobbled" at him, he was pretty much done with the turkey after that. Caleb was pretty tired tonight, we had a busy but good weekend.

Sunday Best

Caleb looked so handsome this morning dressed in his Sunday best. I just had to post this picture of him all decked out in his church clothes. He looks like such a big boy! I am blown away by how big he is getting, I guess I just don't always realize how much he has grown.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tea for Joy Pancake Breakfast

This morning we got ready and went to an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast benefiting "Tea for Joy". This organization was started by a wonderful woman who had a precious daughter name Joy with SB who passed away at 4 months of age. The organization does fundraisers to raise money to cover the cost of camp for kiddos with SB. It is just wonderful...and the pancakes were yummy too! I mentioned in my previous post that Caleb is really testing my patience with his "no" phase plus all the yelling. Well Glenn hasn't gotten a chance to see that side of Caleb much because he is at work during the day...well he got a little taste of it this morning on the way home from the breakfast. I really enjoyed seeing Glenn get a little impatient and frazzled, it made me feel like I wasn't the only one!! I've got to get some video footage of Caleb acting that way because the grandparents don't believe me, they insist he has a Halo over his head and would never do anything that wasn't sweet and precious...boy does he have them fooled!!

Playdate with the boys

Caleb had a playdate yesterday morning with Bryce and Nathan. I managed to get some cute pictures of the boys sorta playing together, although they don't really play together much at this age (I think it is because no one likes to share). I love the picture of all three of them with their backs to the camera, I think that was the only time that all three boys were in the same spot. It is so fun to see all of our boys together and to see how well they are doing. It is fascinating that they each have Spina Bifida and yet they are so different in their abilities. SB affects each person so differently, no two are exactly the same. I can't wait to watch our boys grow up and get stronger and see them do more and more things (plus I love it when our boys are able to do something that a doctor or therapist said they wouldn't be able to do). Anyway I think Caleb had a good time at his playdate, he told me "no" several times when I said that it was time to go home. He is very much into this "no" thing, I'm not crazy about this stage. He says "no" to just about every single question and he likes to yell it instead of saying it politely. He likes to yell a lot these days, we have done "time out" several times because of it. I am praying that this stage doesn't last long or I might lose my mind! I know he is just trying to exert some independence so I am trying to be patient! Anyway, he looks cute on that horse, he loved that thing!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hoodie on

I got a couple of cute pictures of Caleb the other day. He loves to look at pictures of himself, his friends, and family so he had one of the scrapbooks out. For some reason he insisted on keeping his hoodie on, every time I asked if he wanted to take it off he would say "no" or "on". So I left it alone. It made for some cute pictures.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday Morning Tradition

Every Saturday morning Glenn makes us a big breakfast (eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy, etc). It is delicious and my favorite part of the weekend. I got a couple of pictures of Caleb enjoying his feast. I mostly wanted to share his crazy bed head. He woke up with the wildest hair this morning...the pictures don't quite do it justice.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Caleb's Cousins

We went out to a restaurant last night for a birthday party and Caleb got to see all of his cousins. As you can see from the pictures, Caleb enjoyed seeing his cousins and was VERY affectionate with them. He is crazy about Alison and would not let her go, he kept grabbing her and pulling her back whenever she tried to walk away. I also got a picture of Caleb hugging his cousin Marshall, Marshall is about 7 months older than Caleb. It was cute to watch him love all over his cousins.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Cruising on his motorcycle

Here are some more pictures of Caleb on his "motorcycle" (he loves that thing). We took advantage of the pretty weather today and went outside. It was sunny out so of course Caleb had to wear his new "Thomas the Train" sunglasses. Caleb is getting pretty good at getting around on his motorcycle. He can push it forward with his legs and is beginning to figure out how to steer it, his physical therapist was impressed when she saw him this week. He surprises us all the time! He just works so hard and he is so determined. He is such a joy...and he's pretty cute too!

Playing the Harmonica

We bought Caleb this $1 harmonica as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. He was playing the thing like crazy yesterday. I thought it was cute so of course I took some pictures. And as you can see he is sitting on his "motorcycle".

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Caleb and Ruby

We had some good friends from church over for dinner tonight. They have a precious baby girl, Ruby, she is almost one year old. I managed to get a couple of cute pictures of Ruby and Caleb playing with each other. I think Caleb really like having Ruby over. I like the picture of them sitting next to each other, looking at a book. Ruby was somewhat interested in Caleb, although she was much more interested in Ally (our cat). She got very excited when Ally would walk by. We've got some cute kiddos!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Video of Caleb walking

Here is a short video clip of Caleb walking with his HKAFO's (leg braces) and walker. He moves slow but he will get faster. We are just so proud of him. When we asked for the braces and walker for Caleb we were told that he was too young and that he didn't have the cognitive ability to do it, they wanted to wait until he was 3 before we tried braces. We insisted that he get the braces and just look how well he has done. We are just tickled to death. That's our boy!
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