Saturday, September 27, 2008

End of Summer Bash

We took Caleb to the Rise Adventures: End of Summer Bash today. Rise Adventures is an organization that sponsors a variety of activities for people with disabilities. Caleb had an absolute ball. It was a day of firsts for him: He got to ride a horse which he absolutely loved. I thought he would be scared but that boy got right on and loved every second of it. I think I'll look into horse riding for Caleb because it has a lot of benefits for people with Spina Bifida. He and daddy went for a ride in a kayak and we all got to ride on a big "duck boat" (a boat that can go on land and water). He also fell backwards in his wheelchair for the first time, don't worry he's fine, just scared him to death along with his mommy! After doing all the activities it was time to eat a burger! We had a great time, it is fun to see all the different activities that are available for people with disabilities. They even had a way for them to water ski...we aren't quite ready to let Caleb do that yet!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Caleb's New Room

Since we have a new blessing coming in February we had to change our "office" into a new big-boy room for Caleb. He got all new furniture, new bedding and a fancy paint job. It was one of those projects that is harder, takes longer, and costs more than originally thought. Oh well, it came out very cute and Caleb seems to really like it.

Monday, September 08, 2008

We're having....

...ANOTHER BOY!! I had a sonogram today and the baby looks great. The spine looks perfect (no sign of spina bifida), the perinatologist didn't see anything with the baby that concerned her. She is pretty sure it is a boy but he was moving around like crazy so she couldn't get a really good shot. I'll have another sono next month so that should seal the deal on the sex. But the doctor was pretty positive that we are having another boy. She is concerned about my placenta, it is still pretty low (placenta previa). She said that there is still plenty of time for the placenta to move up but she wants to really keep an eye on it so I will see her on a monthly basis for sonograms. So hopefully everything will be ok. They also took some blood to check for spina bifida. The blood work along with the sonogram detects about 80% of babies with spina bifida. We can't be 100% sure without doing an amniocentesis, I had one of those with Caleb and it isn't pleasant so I'm not going to do it this time. But so far so good, he looks great! Can't ask for more than that! Praise God!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Afternoon at the waterpark

We took Caleb to the local waterpark today. The park was only open to city employees and their families, the admission and food was super cheap...the three of us got into the park AND ate dinner for less than it would normally cost for just one of us to go! Caleb had an absolute blast, his favorite was going down the lazy river and crawling around in the wave pool. Glenn did take him down a couple of small water slides but Caleb didn't care too much for those. Caleb was most upset when it was time to leave, he cried the whole way to the car.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Caleb, the builder

Here are a couple of pictures from tonight, Caleb was playing at his "Bob the Builder" table. He may not have any pants on but he is sportin' his construction hat. Isn't that smile precious?


Caleb has taken a very strong interest in coloring these days. He showed almost no interest in coloring until I got him this table a few weeks ago, now he colors all the time! It is not unusual for him to sit and color for well over an hour, of course he loves it when mommy and daddy color with him. He made an adorable crayon holder at school this week. School went very well this week, although there is still drama when I drop him off. Earlier this week he grabbed the wheels on his wheelchair so that I couldn't push him into his class! That little booger is strong! When he grabs those wheels it it impossible to budge him. The teachers swear to me that he stops crying within seconds of me leaving the room and that he does just fine the rest of the morning. He actually did great today, he didn't cry at all when I dropped him off. He is really doing great at school, I love getting reports each day on all the things he did at school. The teachers really keep him busy and I think he is already learning. His language development is through the roof, he had about 50 words when he turned 3 last month and his vocabulary has at the very least doubled in the last few weeks! It has probably more than doubled, I was keeping a list of all his words but I can't keep up anymore, he says several new words every single day! It's crazy how much he is talking. We are tickled to hear him talking so much.

Monday, September 01, 2008

First week of school

Caleb survived his first week of school. The first couple of days were understandably difficult for him. He cried every morning when I dropped him off but his teacher said that as soon as I rounded the corner to leave he was fine. That's what we call "saving the drama for your mama". Overall he had a great week at school and it seems like he is enjoying it. The teacher lets me know how he did when I come to pick him up. Here are a few pictures from the week. He has a "Cars" backpack, along with 2 other boys in his class! The teacher took the picture of him eating breakfast, the class has breakfast shortly after school starts. They also have circle time, centers, and they go outside to play. The teachers have been great about making sure Caleb gets to play outside, they take him out of his chair and swing with him or take him down the slide. He loves going outside. He has been asking to go to school all weekend so we will see if he still feels that way tomorrow morning when it is actually time to go to school!

Nothin' but net

Caleb got a small basketball goal for his birthday. Here are a couple of pictures from this morning. We hung it on the back of a chair so that Caleb could stand in his braces to throw the ball in. He had a blast and he is actually a pretty good shot!

At Granny and PawPaw's

We went to see Granny and PawPaw yesterday afternoon. Their next door neighbors have a donkey (they live out in the country), so we took Caleb over to the fence so he could see it. PawPaw fed the donkey some corn so the donkey would come right over to the fence. We had a good afternoon with Granny and PawPaw. We ate fried chicken and yummy chocolate pie!
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