Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Here is a video of Caleb making Benjamin laugh. No one gets Benjamin to laugh like Caleb does! Benjamin loves his big brother.

Benjamin has his first cold, he is sneezing a lot and has a runny nose. I feel terrible for him because there isn't much I can do. Fortunately he doesn't act like he feels bad. He is having some trouble sleeping, probably because his nose is so plugged up.

Caleb has got us a little worried. He woke up from his nap today complaining of a headache and I could tell that it was really bothering him because he was almost to the point of crying. Those of you that have kiddos with shunts know that when your child says they have a headache you pay attention. I gave him some tylenol and that seemed to help for a couple of hours but his head was still hurting tonight. I called the doctor and she didn't seem terribly concerned at this point because he isn't showing any other signs of shunt failure. It could simply be a sinus headache or the start of a cold or something or it could be something related to the shunt. So we are going to be keeping a very close eye on him. It sure would be nice if these shunts had some kind of alarm on them that would go off if the shunt stops working!

Having kids sure is stressful sometimes! There is never a dull moment these days. I took the boys with me to Target yesterday to get a few things. Benjamin was in his car seat in the front of the grocery cart and I put Caleb in the main part of the cart. I put a container of blueberries in the cart and I looked at Caleb and said: "Don't open those blueberries." Not 15 seconds later I look down and there are blueberries all over the floor in the produce section! And of course the grocery cart ran over several of them so there is blueberry carnage everywhere! I was so embarrassed. Later when I was driving out of the parking lot this car comes racing up next to me, honking his horn...I had left my purse on the back bumper of the car! Thankfully it hadn't fallen off.

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