Saturday, April 10, 2010

First swim class

Caleb has his first swim class this morning.  He absolutely loved it!  The boy was smiling the entire time.  He has lessons every Saturday morning for the next few months.  It was hard to get good pictures but here are a couple.
Caleb has always enjoyed swimming but he absolutely hates when water gets anywhere near his eyes or ears.  I'm hoping that this class will help him overcome that fear.  He had a great time today so that is certainly a good start. The were about 11 kids in the class this morning, all around Caleb's age.

This was the first and the last time I will be taking Benjamin to Caleb's swim class.  It was near impossible to keep that kid entertained.  He wanted in that water so badly.  If I had let him, he would have gone head first into the pool.  So, Glenn and I are just going to take turns taking Caleb to class so that one of us can just stay home with Benjamin. 

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Gammy said...

You can drop him off at our house.:)

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