Saturday, April 24, 2010

Park and Puddles

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today so we decided to take the boys to the park.  Caleb rode his Amtryke all over the place.  We are so grateful to Ambucs for giving Caleb the opportunity to ride a tricycle just like every other kid.  These Amtrykes are wonderful.  Anyway, Caleb had a great time.
We got a lot of rain last night so there were puddles all over the place. Caleb had to make sure he rode his tryke through EVERY SINGLE puddle.

Benjamin just chillin' in the stoller.  He loves being outside.

Benjamin's cute little foot with his cute little sandals.

Caleb throwing wet, muddy pecans into the big puddle.  

Benjamin enjoying the swing.

Nothing like a couple of hours at the park to wear the kiddos out (daddy too).  All 3 boys are napping as I type this!  And mommy is enjoying the quiet. :)

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