Thursday, April 08, 2010

A Step Up

We want Caleb to be as independent as possible, for him to be able to do as much as he can on his own.  One thing that he hasn't been able to do is brush his teeth or wash his hands on his own because there was no way for him to reach the sink.  A typically step stool won't work for Caleb because he needs something with handles so that he can hold on. Well I found these steps in a catalog recently and thought they would be perfect for Caleb.  They were a little pricey but I think it was a good purchase.
Tonight he was able to use the bathroom sink to brush his teeth, all by himself!  I know that seems like such a simple thing but it brought me such joy.  And I think it made Caleb feel good too.  Of course now I'll have to constantly wipe toothpaste splatters off the mirror, but I guess that's a small price to pay.

Benjamin LOVES the steps!  I could not keep this kid off of them.  He had more fun going up and down these steps.  So cute.  He and Caleb were pretty much fighting over the steps (not so cute).


Summers Family said...

Ohh I LOVE those steps! What a super great achievement for Caleb and way to go Mom for making it possible. We will have to check into the steps as Annabelle gets bigger.


Chris, Liz, and Baby Em said...

How wonderful! It's easy to take something like reaching the sink for granted. It's great you found these steps - and it looks like they are going to make a great "toy" for both kids!

Colleen said...

That's awesome! Nate has started doing a regular step stool to climb up and wash his hands, but I have to spot him because one day he lost his balance and fell off. :( And he can't get down by himself. So those steps would be cool. Was it in One Step Ahead? That looks like something they'd have in their catalog.

Ciaran's parents, Jon & Wendy said...

Benjamin looks so much older in the bottom pic. And he's posing too.

I love the steps.

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