Monday, May 31, 2010

Picnic at the park

We took advantage of the long weekend by taking the boys to the park today.
Caleb loves his Amtryke.  He decided to go off-roadin' today. 
Caleb is headed toward the sand volleyball court insisting that he can drive his tryke in the sand.  Glenn is telling him: "Caleb you won't be able to drive in the sand.  You are going to get stuck."  Caleb's response: "I won't get stuck dad."

Caleb stuck in the sand.  I guess daddy knew what he was talking about :)

Eating our picnic lunch.  Benjamin loves to eat.  I figured out that Benjamin eats about as much food as Caleb does!  Caleb is almost 5 years old and I'm pretty sure Benjamin could out-eat him!

Texas summers are super hot and Caleb takes 2 different medicines that make him sensitive to heat.  The poor kid turns bright red after being out in the heat for only 5 minutes.  His little arms were so red and hot.  It doesn't seem to bother him though.

I just love his sweet profile. 

Benjamin playing with a stick.  I think he was just happy to be out of the stroller.  I think the kid might be close to walking soon.  He has gotten to where he will take about 5-7 steps at a time.  His confidence is building too so hopefully he will start walking soon.  I'll try to post some video of him taking steps soon.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Zoo Field Trip

We went on a field trip to the zoo with Caleb's class today.  It was steamy hot and super crowded but Caleb (and I think Benjamin) had a great time.

 Benjamin just chilled in the wagon for the most part.  He did great, and was as content as can be.  He like holding the sunscreen bottle for some reason.  I love this hat on him, and he actually kept it on most of the day.  I have cute pictures of Caleb in this exact same hat.

Caleb had a lot of fun.  He got to see most of the animals. although a lot of the animals were just laying around in the shade (did I mention it was quite steamy today).

A rare family picture.

This might have been Caleb's favorite part, I think he actually thought he was driving somewhere.  I love the look on Benjamin's face, his mouth hanging wide open.  Poor kid was so tired, he fell fast asleep in the car.

Caleb doesn't always get the best view sitting in his wheelchair so we would take him out so he could see better.

I can't believe this school year is almost over, just a couple of days left.  My baby is starting kindergarten in the fall!

Friday, May 21, 2010

17 months

Well the little guy turned 17 months today.  I absolutely can't believe it.  The other night Glenn and I were talking about Benjamin's very dramatic arrival (you can read about it here), and how scary that was.  I remember the doctor saying that it was a very good thing that I was already in the hospital because another 30 minutes would have been absolutely detrimental.  

But here we are 17 months later!  So, what is Benjamin up to these days?  Well, he's not walking yet but he did take TWO steps earlier today before he dropped to his knees.  He is beginning to talk like crazy!  He says: more, mama, dada, bus, hi, bye-bye, night-night, ball (of course he doesn't say these very clearly but we know what he is saying).  He will point to several body parts (eyes, nose, ears, toes, feet, belly, head).  Anytime he hears the word "hot" he starts blowing like he is cooling it off.  Whenever he gets by the oven he starts blowing because he knows the oven can be hot.  It's so cute.  He is all about his mama, he truly cannot get enough of me.  If it were up to him he would somehow attach himself to my skin and just stay there.  Even when I am on the floor playing with him he has to make sure some part of his body is touching me, sometimes he'll just put a foot on me just to make sure I didn't go anywhere.  He loves to eat, and wants to eat constantly.  He is a good sleeper, he still takes 2 naps a day but that morning nap isn't as long as it used to be.  He is an early riser and is usually awake around 6 or 6:30.  He has full-on tantrums these days.  He will just drop to the floor like all of his bones have turned to noodles.  He'll just roll around like a madman or he will angrily crawl over to the nearest toy and then throw it.  It's so ridiculous that it is very hard no to laugh.  I realize that this won't stay funny for long.  But he is also my little cuddle-bug.  He will just sit in my lap and let me love all over him.  It's the best.

And his favorite thing to do right now is stick out his tongue :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Whole bunch of videos!

I went a little crazy with the Flip yesterday and took several videos.  So here you go...

This is Caleb walking with his walker at horseback riding yesterday.  He does amazing with his walker but we are really trying to build his endurance as well as his confidence.  He does great with it at home because he knows he can always go to the couch when he gets tired.  He gets a little nervous when we use his walker in public because he worries that he won't have a place to rest.  Yesterday he walked quite a distance.  I was very proud of him.

Benjamin loves loves LOVES Caleb's walker!  He gets in it several times a day and just walks all over the house.  The kid wants to walk everywhere, he just doesn't want to do it on his own!

I have a tendency to just video the boys when they are doing something cute.  Well last night I decided to just video each one while we were eating at the table.  Sometimes the videos about "nothing" are just as cute.
Just watch how fast my little one can put away that food!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Family Photo Session

I have been wanting to get some family pictures done for quite awhile.  We have a million photos of Caleb and Benjamin but almost none with us as a family.  I really wanted to get some professional photos done and we are blessed enough to have a very gifted photographer in our family.  Cousin Leslie takes absolutely gorgeous pictures so there was no question that she was the perfect person to take our family pictures. 

 This was one of the first pictures that Leslie took.  You wouldn't believe how difficult it is to get 2 children to look at the camera.  As you can see, we were not successful in getting both boys to look at the camera but it is still such a gorgeous photo.  Poor Caleb just wanted to play in the dirt and didn't understand why I wouldn't let him!  I just wanted him to stay clean for 5 minutes!

These are some of my favorite pictures.  You should have seen what Glenn and I are doing in the background, trying everything we could just to get the boys to look at the camera and smile.  Glenn was pulling down branches from a tree and shaking leaves everywhere while I was dancing around like a maniac hoping we would get some good shots.  I think we were successful.

Simply gorgeous.  I love how he is touching that sweet little foot.  Perfection.
This may be my favorite picture.  I don't think it gets much better than this.  Truly beautiful.  

 One of the hardest things was getting Caleb to give us a real smile, not a forced one.  This is his real smile, so genuine.  I love it.  I get teary every time I look at this picture because Caleb is just so beautiful to me.  My heart absolutely overflows with love for this child.  

 So beautiful.  Such a big boy.  

 Nothing like some father and son shots.  I love these pictures because they look so natural.  Poor Glenn, his arms were so tired because he had to lift Benjamin up over and over and over so that Leslie could get the perfect shot!  Too funny.

 There is such story behind this picture.  It was quite warm and humid outside.  I'm sweaty and absolutely exhausted from working so hard to get the boys to smile.   I am trying to get a cute picture with Caleb but he is getting grumpy because he is hot and sweaty and there are little gnats flying all over us.  I don't know how she did it but Leslie managed to get a great shot.

I LOVE this picture.  Benjamin was pretty much done with the whole thing by this time, he was getting fussy and not as willing to smile.   I just think this shot came out so sweet.  

 Glenn and I are almost hysterical by this point.  Glenn's arms are about to fall off from lifting Benjamin up and down.  I singing "BINGO" to Caleb, begging him to look at my face instead of pointing at the cars driving by.  I love that this picture looks so natural and sweet even though we were working like crazy to get a good shot.

And finally a family shot!  We gave up on getting Benjamin to smile but he still looks stinkin' cute.  Not a bad looking family at all. :)

A big thanks to Leslie for taking such gorgeous photos.  For those of you that are local, I highly recommend here.  Here is her website.  She does such a great job and she was incredibly patient with our boys.  We couldn't be happier with the way these photos turned out. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Benjamin's Sunday

Sunday mornings are tough on little Benjamin.  He doesn't get his usual morning nap because we are at church.  He is one tired little boy by the time we get home.  This is what we found when we got home from church today...poor guy.

Now that is one tired boy!

I finally bought a couple of baby gates today.  I just needed someway to keep Benjamin out of the kitchen when I am trying to cook.  We decided to try the baby gate out today while I was making lunch and this is the reaction I got from Benjamin...

I don't think he likes it.  Clearly not a fan of the new baby gate :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Swim Class

Caleb has been going to swim class for several weeks now and he really seems to enjoy it.  Glenn takes him to class every Saturday morning, I usually stay home with Benjamin.  Swim class is something that Caleb and daddy do together, a little father-son bonding time. This morning Benjamin and I went to class with Caleb and then headed to Gammy and Grandpa Al's afterward.  I managed to take 52 pictures of Caleb during his swim class and here are a few...

Caleb is not a fan of floating on his back.  He is so worried that water is going to get in his ears that he has a very hard time relaxing.  Glenn is trying to get Caleb to just rest his head back...but Caleb is quite resistant.

Swim class definitely takes Caleb out of his comfort zone a little bit but he absolutely loves it.  He is so excited every Saturday morning because he knows he gets to go swimming. 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Videos of Caleb walking

Here are some videos of Caleb walking around outside.  So proud of that boy!


We had some thunderstorms move through earlier today...Caleb is not a fan of thunder.  Whenever there is a storm he asks to listen to music with his headphones.

Seeing this picture reminded me of some similar pictures I took of Caleb about 3 years ago.  So I dug out the disc with the photos on it and now I'm sharing it with all of you.  I hope they make you smile, because I can't stop smiling :).

  It's impossible to look at these photos of Caleb when he was about a year and a half old and not smile.  Look at that precious baby!  Look at those yummy fat rolls!  I miss those fat rolls!  Wow, I can't believe that was 3 years ago.  My baby boy isn't a baby anymore!  Caleb is going to be 5 years old in 3 months!  How did that happen?  I can't even wrap my brain around it.  It goes by so fast.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Benjamin loves his thumb TOO much...

Benjamin is a serious thumb-sucker, he loves that thumb (only the left one).  I've always thought it was cute...until recently.  Apparently you can love your thumb too much, which seems to be the case with Benjamin.  See picture below:
It's kinda hard to see but he has about 3 gashes in his thumb, the thumb he sucks.  His teeth are cutting into his skin and leaving wounds behind.  It looks awful and very painful, although it does  not seem to bother Benjamin because he continues to suck on that poor thumb.  And here is the accomplice to the thumb sucking...he only sucks his thumb if he has this...
It's just a burp cloth but he loves it and will immediately begin to suck his thumb if he has the burp cloth in his hand.  He does not and will not suck his thumb without it.  So, we've stopped letting him have the burp cloth unless he is going to sleep, the burp cloth now stays in his bed.  We've talked about taking the burp cloth away completely but I'm afraid he won't be able to sleep without it, plus I kind of like that he has something that comforts him.  But I don't like the way his poor thumb looks, I fear that it will get infected.  

I wonder if we took the burp cloth away if he would just find something to replace it?  That poor little thumb.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The candles

Benjamin loves to play at the fireplace, he often takes his cars over there and will just drive them up and down the fireplace.  I had to remove all the picture frames I used to keep there because there was no way that Benjamin could resist.  I did leave the candles and as you can see, Benjamin finds them very enticing.

Love the grin on his face!  And I love that little bald head!  He really does have some fuzz up there but he is certainly a long way off from needing his first haircut.

There were so many cute pictures of him playing with these candles.  

Sweet little hands.

Benjamin has started taking one tiny step, he did it for the first time yesterday.  He will just take one teeny tiny step and then drop down to his bottom.  It's so cute.  I've tried to get him to take more than one step but he just won't do it....yet.  I suspect he will be walking soon enough. 

I am still surprised by how tiny he is.  He is around the 5th %tile on the growth charts for his age.  I am baffled by it because the kid eats like there is no tomorrow.  He wants to eat constantly.  He crawls to the pantry several times a day and points at the door because he knows there is food in there.  He is a great eater but I guess he is just burning all the calories off.  Caleb was such a chunky monkey as a baby and toddler.  Benjamin is just so petite compared to how Caleb was.

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