Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mario and Luigi take over Halloween!

Mario and Luigi (aka Caleb & Benjamin) took over Halloween this weekend!  Their costumes were a big hit, they had everyone talking.  I don't know how many people took pictures of Caleb on their phones, his picture is probably all over the place by now!  

We had our church's Hallelujah Carnival this afternoon.

This is one of the few picture I got with Mario and Luigi in the same shot.  It is virtually impossible for Benjamin to be still long enough for me to get a decent picture.

 I have to admit that I am really proud of this costume and what we were able to do with Caleb's wheelchair.  He loves playing Mario Kart at my parent's house so I thought this would be a great costume for him.  I think he was really proud of it and he seemed to enjoy all the attention it got.

 Benjamin did great leaving the mustache on but it was had getting him to keep the hat on!

 Caleb had a lot of fun at the carnival today.

Luigi has never looked cuter!  It was so funny as walked around our church, people would see Caleb first and say: "Look at Mario in his car!"  And then Benjamin would be right behind him and people got such a kick out of seeing "Luigi" too.  There were several kids dressed like Mario (although they didn't have a cool race car) but Benjamin was the only Luigi.

 Caleb and his Daddy (who just happens to be wearing his cool Redefining SB shirt).
Me and the star of the Hallelujah Carnival!

 Yesterday we went to a Starlight Halloween Party.  It just happened to be at Texas Christian University (my Alma Mater). It's been awhile since I have been on campus and it has changed quite a bit.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  Almost makes me want to go back to school there to get my Masters or something!  Just kidding.
 Luigi running around like a maniac all over the campus!  This was right after his Luigi hat flew off and landed in the water fountain.

It was a fun weekend for us and the boys.  We had the Pumpkin Patch yesterday and 2 parties.  Mario and Luigi are pooped and sleeping soundly.

I entered Caleb's costume in a contest to win a Flip video camera.  If you would like to vote for Caleb click here and then scroll to find his pic and then "like" Caleb's picture.

Someone pointed out to me that I never featured Caleb on my "Faces of Spina Bifida".  It really never occurred to me to feature him because I figure that if you are visiting this blog then you already know Caleb.  I did recently update "His Story" if you want to check that out.  Caleb's story was actually featured on the Kidz blog last week.  That was pretty cool!

Faces of Spina Bifida: Meet Colton, Atticus, Jarrett, Bin, Brooklyn, Katelyn, and Chloe!

Here we are...the final day!  I've got a handful of kiddos for you today.  We are going out with a bang!

This is Colton
Colton will be 4 years old next week.  Colton has a walker and a wheelchair.  He recently started preschool.  I asked Joni (his mom) to tell me a little bit about Colton and this is what she had to say

"The thing I love most about Colton is his excitement about life! He has the most expressive eyes and you truly see the world through those beautiful little eyes. He has the best personality and brings a smile to each persons face that meets him. Colton is a very determined little guy and nothing stops him! God has truly blessed us by giving us Colton and I am so thankful to have him in my life!"

Stop by Colton's Caringbridge site to learn more about this cute guy!

This is Atticus
What a handsome little man!  Atticus is 4 years old.  I actually know Atticus and his mom so I've seen firsthand how far this kiddo has come.  He is now walking independently with just his AFO's!  He ditched his walker and is doing great! I actually have a picture of Caleb and Atticus together when they were very young.
Cute, right?

This is Jarrett
He is 18 months old.  I've just recently "met" Jarrett so I don't know a lot about this cutie.  I'm looking forward to seeing all amazing things he is going to do.

This is Bin
Bin is 4 1/2 years old.  He has a twin sister, Oaxie.  I know this kid and he is super cute and super sweet.  He has come a long way too.  I remember when he used to walk just pushing a push toy and now he is walking independently.  According to mom, Bin LOVE Taylor Swift, Tom & Jerry, and AGGIE football!
Since today is Halloween, I thought I would share this pic of Bin with his sister Oaxie.
Stop by Bin's blog: Our Family

This is Brooklyn
Brooklyn was born December 8, 2008.  Brooklyn has a mobile stander, RGO's, and a wheelchair.  She also has a hand tryke so that she can keep up with her brother!!  Brooklyn and her family actually just moved to Texas and they are about 20 minutes from me.  We will definitely be getting our families together soon.  She's a cutie.

This is Katelyn
How cool is this girl!  Katelyn is 9 years old, she is in 5th grade.  She has KAFO's and pink forearm crutches, plus she uses a wheelchair for longer distances.  She plays wheelchair tennis and she loves horseback riding.

This is Chloe
You have to be smiling right now.  How cute is this little ladybug?!  Chloe was born September 25, 2009.  She started walking with a walker at 12 months.  Mom and dad didn't know that Chloe had SB until she was born.  She continues to amaze everyone with her progress and her sweet personality.

Well, that's it! One month, 31 days, 69 kids and over 4,000 visits to this blog!  When I had the idea to feature a kid each day this month I was worried that I wouldn't have enough kids!  Boy was I wrong.  My hope was that showing off how beautiful, perfect, funny, happy, and healthy these kids are, people would have a better understanding of what SB looks like.  And based on these 69 kids...I would say that SB looks pretty darn cute.

If nothing else, I think featuring these kids has brought all of us SB parents a little closer together.  I have met so many new kids myself through this process and I've made about 50 new friends on Facebook!  It has really been a special month for me.  I loved seeing the sea of Yellow SB awareness ribbons all over Facebook.  I loved the Day of Prayer.  I loved the Redefining Spina Bifida t-shirts.  This month has been a real treasure.  Just maybe...I'll do it again next year :).

So here are the Faces of Spina Bifida

69 wonderful, precious, perfect lives.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

One of my favorite things to do in October is visit the Pumpkin Patch.  I had planned on us going last weekend but something came up.  So, I had us all ready and out the door this morning because I was going to get my Pumpkin Patch pictures!  I learned that waiting until the last weekend of October means slim pickins' at the patch.  Oh well, we got some good pics anyway.
 Benjamin had so much fun this morning.  The kid could barely be still for 2 seconds!  He had more fun picking up handfuls of hay and tossing it into the wind.  He was cracking himself up!

 Me and my first born.

 Benjamin decided to take a 3 second break by having a seat on a pumpkin.

 Caleb decided to have a seat as well!
 Look at this kid!  And that big smile.  Hard to believe he had a shunt revision a week ago.  Man, these kids bounce back fast.

 Checking out the pumpkins.

 I just love this picture.  It's just so sweet.

 A family shot.  The lady selling pumpkins was nice and offered to take a picture of all of us.

 Me and my boys!

The boys had so much fun!  It's amazing how a simple trip to the Pumpkin Patch can bring so much joy.  And a lot of great pictures.

Just for fun here are some Pumpkin Patch pictures from years past





Faces of Spina Bifida: Meet James David, Jordan, and Samantha!

This is James David
James David was born August 27, 2010.  He's just a little guy!  This picture is just too sweet.  James David's mom just started a blog and I encourage all of you to stop by and check out this little guy.  The name of her blog is Love Like Rain.  What a great name.  Here is a tiny bit from her blog:

"Now we are home, and now, even though James David has Spina Bifida and always will, we are happy. He is doing great, in spite of everything he's been through. I have learned to see past it all and enjoy his amazing personality. I have a spunky tiny man who smiles all the time, is learning to sit up and coo, and has a temper beyond all belief. My love for him still astounds even me. We are still in the rain, but its a crazy beautiful rain and we are dancing in it."
 This is Jordan
 What a beautiful young lady.  Jordan is almost 12 years old, she is in 6th grade.  Jordan walks with with and without AFO's, using her pretty pink forearm crutches.  The girl has amazing upper body strength!  Here is what her mom had to say:

"She is an Honor Roll Student, plays piano, sings in the school choir, is attending confirmation class at church and plays wheelchair basketball on the Dallas Jr. Mavs Wheelchair Basketball Prep Team! She won the All-Tournament Award for Girls/Prep Teams at the National Competition in Denver in the spring! She is outgoing, loves to talk (a social butterfly), loves school and amazes everyone!"
Again, proof that our kids can do anything!
This is Samantha
More pink forearm crutches!!  Samantha is 2 years old and is clearly doing amazing!  I don't know about you but I'm quite impressed seeing a two year old getting around with forearm crutches! Samantha has an older brother, James, and she loves to get dirty playing in the dirt with him.  She's a cutie.

Take time to learn more about Samantha by going to her blog: My Many Blessings

Friday, October 29, 2010

Faces of Spina: Meet Brenden, Jonas, and Carter!

This is Brenden
Another cutie in glasses.  I love it.  Brenden is 2 years old.  Brenden wears braces and he has a walker.  He has a younger sister, Madelynn.  He recently participated in the Walk-N-Roll for Spina Bifida.  He raised over $4,100!!  Wow!
I just thought this picture was cute.
You can read more about Brenden by visiting his blog: Our Crazy, Happy Life

This is Jonas
Jonas is 3 years old.  He has an older sister, Clara, and there is a baby on the way!  Jonas' mom recently wrote about when she was pregnant with Jonas and receiving the diagnoses of SB.  You can read the entire post by clicking here but I wanted to share a piece of it with you.

"Now here we are, exactly 4 years later, and I am humbled and overwhelmed with how much has changed. Having a child with special needs has helped me appreciate things I previously took for granted. It has not been a pain or stress free 4 years and it continues to be hard at times, but it has been the most rewarding and meaningful 4 years. Seeing Jonas do something he has been working on for months - or even years - brings the greatest happiness."

 This picture just makes me laugh.  He is too cute.
Find out more about Jonas by going to his blog: The Osterhouse

This is Carter
Carter was born April 10, 2008.  He is 2 1/2 years old.  This little guy has had more than his fair share of surgeries but he's still smiling.  Carter has 2 older sisters, Sophie and Hailey, who absolutely adore him.  Carter has a mobile stander and a wheelchair.  This is what mom has to say about her little guy

"never imagined how much a little boy who is "differently abled" could teach us about life. He is exactly who God planned him to be and he fits our family perfectly. We are blessed!!"
I had to share this picture.  I can appreciate a really cool wheelchair costume!  And this is a REALLY cool wheelchair costume!
You can learn more about this cutie by reading "His story" and by visiting his Caringbridge site.
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