Monday, October 25, 2010

Faces of Spina Bifida: Meet Cannon, Brandon, and Ethan!

This is Cannon
Cute kid right?  There is just something about a little kid in glasses that I just love.  So cute.
Cannon was born December 30, 2008.
Cannon has AFO's and KAFO's, and a standing frame.  Mom is in the process of ordering his very first walker.  Cannon recently started Hippotherapy and immediately fell in love with the horses.
Cannon's mom recently posted "His Story" on their blog, make sure you take the time to learn more about this adorable boy! The Cannon Daily News

This is Brandon
Brandon was born February 1, 2007.
Brandon has a wheelchair and a walker.  He is doing great and recently has been able to walk with his walker without using the seat!  What a great victory!
You can read more about Brandon by going to "His Story" and by going to his Caringbridge site.

This is Ethan
Another cutie!  Ethan was born May 5, 2007.  Ethan has lipomyelomeningocele.  He has had 2 different surgeries on his spinal cord.  Ethan started preschool this fall and is doing great.  You can read all about Ethan by visiting his site and by reading "his story".

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Jamie said...

Adorable kiddos, again! I want to start hippotherapy with Madi, and this was a great reminder to get on that!

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