Saturday, October 16, 2010

Faces of Spina Bifida: Meet Carson and Carson!

I've got not one, but 2 Carson's to introduce to you today!!

This is Carson
Can you stand the cuteness people?  I have a thing for kids in glasses, maybe because Caleb wears glasses.  This guy is just too cute!
Carson will be turning 2 in just a few months.  Carson has been doing sessions of therapy at the Conductive Learning Center and he is making great progress.  As you can see he is practicing using a walker:
You can read more about Carson by visiting his blog:  Baby Boy Bush.

This is Carson
There is just cuteness oozing out of this kid!  I just can't take it anymore!  So cute.  Carson has THE BEST expressions ever.  I love going to his blog because I know it is going to  make me smile.  You can't look at this kid and not smile, it's just not possible.  Carson is almost 11 months old and is going to be a big brother in a few months!  I've never met his mom, Karen, but I can just tell that I would like her.  I think we would be good friends.  I wanted to share something that she wrote on her blog recently:

"When we first hear that our child has a disability, we worry so much because of the unknown.  We worry because we feel they will be incomplete.  Questions like "will my child ever walk" creep in and haunt us.  Then comes that magical arrival.  Maybe days, maybe weeks, for some even agonizing months - full of worry but also a large lesson in trust.  Then, we finally get to take that child home and from that day forward we begin to experience that, disability or no, there is absolutely nothing missing.  We begin to see that the only thing that was "incomplete" was our understanding of what love and family is really all about.  Concerns and worries about our child's future and well being - they are still there, but as that love grows, as that incompleteness of understanding is wiped away, the concerns and worries take their proper perspective and become much more minor inconveniences in a life that is more full than we could ever have imagined."

Make sure you visit Carson's Corner to learn more about this sweet boy!

I just want to say how much all of the fellow SB mommies mean to me.  We were all shaken up this week when an expectant mother (pregnant with a child that happens to have SB) put a poll on her website asking people to vote on whether or not she should terminate her baby because he has SB.  She is 19 weeks pregnant and has known for several weeks that her baby boy has SB.  Dozens and dozens of us reached out to her, trying to encourage her, telling her about our wonderful children, inviting her to visit our blogs so that she could see how healthy and happy our kids are.  And then she put this poll on her site and we were all heartbroken and angry.  How can you ask people to vote on whether or not you should terminate your pregnancy and how in the world can you ask those of us that have a child with SB to vote on such a thing?  I saw all of these wonderful mommies band together and fight for their kids.  We love our kids so much and can't imagine a world without them.  It is absolutely heartbreaking to us to think that this child's life will likely be ended because this mother doesn't want to have to take care of a child with SB.  What is even more heartbreaking is the number of people that have voted on her poll and have voted in favor of termination.  The fact that termination is legal up to 24 weeks is absolutely mind blowing to me.  I can't even wrap my brain around why this is legal.  It is horrifying to me.

I feel such respect and love for all these moms, I feel closer to them now than ever.  They are truly an amazing group of women and I am blessed to know them.


Carrie said...

Read your post; the Carsons are adorable, the the one little boy could be Caleb's brother (the older one).
I had no idea that that lady did that, horrible, horrible, feels like a slap in the face and I ache for that baby; I want to say, I'll take him/her; I will take sad.
Thank you for being willing to speak up and say something.

TRW said...

Oh they are such handsome little guys!! I feel so blessed to have "met" you! Thank you for this post!

I have an award for you on my blog!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I was loving your post, especially the quote from Carson #2's mommy about her experiences during preganacy and after. And then I got to the last part of your post and I literally feel nauseous. That is the most heartbreaking and HEARTLESS thing that I've heard. Who is so stupid that they ask a poll on a human life? I understand being scared and not feeling able to handle the enormity of her situation. I even understand contemplating termination (although I am 150% AGAINST it) but this is callous and like it's a joke. grrrrr...

Thanks again for posting some new amazing kids that I haven't met before!

Scasmflops said...

We are good friends. :) Hopefully we get to meet this side of heaven, otherwise we will have a blast at our meeting there. Thank you for these very sweet posts on our kiddos. This has been such a blessing to me, huge encouragement.

My heart is broken for this child as well... and am praying for her and her baby boy. It makes me also feel so much closer to all my SB moms and their amazing kiddos.Makes me consider how blessed we are. Made me hug Carson even tighter today and enjoy his smile so much more.

Lots of love to you and those handsome men you have. Always prayers.

Stephanie said...

I just want to say that I am so proud of our bbc group and I don't know what I would have done without all of you. I know we all reacted with our hearts first and feel no shame in what was said. If anything, I feel even more convicted to do what I can-through my blog and otherwise-to let the world know what miracle babies our kids are. Together us mommas are doing amazing things!!! This will not break us! Love you all!

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