Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Faces of Spina Bifida: Meet Ethan, Bryce, & Nathan!

It's a triple play today folks.  I've got 3 boys to introduce to you.  We actually know these boys, we all live in the same area and have had many a play date!  They are Caleb's buddies.

This is Ethan
Ethan is almost 5 years old, his birthday is next month.  This kid is always smiling and always on the go.  You should see this kid in his walker, man he RUNS!!  He recently had hip surgery and is in a pretty big cast so he doesn't get to move much these days but I'm certain he will be on the go as soon as that cast comes off!!  You can learn more about Ethan by visiting his blog: My Wonderful Life: Ethan Lee.

This is Bryce
Bryce turned 5 over the summer, just days before his birthday he had a serious surgery to remove a mass from his spinal cord.  He was in the hospital for several  weeks and had to wear a brace for many weeks after.  But he is well on his way to a full recovery and is doing great.  My favorite thing about Bryce is his laugh, it is the best laugh ever.  You can read more about Bryce by visiting his blog.

This is Nathan
Nathan is 5 1/2 years old so he is the oldest of this bunch.  He started Kindergarten this fall, just like Caleb did (wish they were at the same school-how cute would that have been).  Nathan is the youngest of 5 children.  He doesn't have a blog to link to, I guess Amy (his mom) is too busy or something with FIVE kids to take care of!  I think we can all understand why the woman doesn't have a blog!

Since our boys have sorta grown up together I have a lot of pictures of our boys hanging out.  I've posted some of these before but since I know there are a lot of new visitors to the blog lately, these pics will be new to some of you.

 I think our boys were about a year and a half here.  How cute are they?

 Caleb and Nathan meeting for the first time.

 All 4 boys together!

Our boys this summer at Bryce's birthday party.

It has been a tremendous blessing having these boys and their mom's in our lives.  We don't see each other near enough but it is so nice to know that Caleb has several buddies nearby that lead a life very similar to his.  It's just been so fun watching them grow up.

I want to thank all of you that have sent me comments and messages.  I had no idea there were so many people visiting the blog and I'm thrilled to have so many new visitors.  I want to feature as many kids as I can and I know that I'm not going to remember everyone so please send me a message if you would like your kid featured.  Many of you have already contacted me and I have added your kids to the list.  This is so much fun!!


Marissa said...

Cassie, Thanks for featuring my little man. I am so glad that we have each other. Even though we don't see each other very often at least we know we can come to each other for advance. Thanks! Your the best! Marissa

Stephanie said...

I will always have a special spot in my heart for Nathan. He was my first "face of Spina bifida." When we found out Brendan would have SB, mutual friends introduced us to Amy and Nathan. Amy was my mentor throughout the remainder of my pregnancy and beyond! The best part was finally getting to meet them in person about 2 weeks before I had Brendan. It was such a load off my heart to see that they were just a "normal" family! Nathan was a superstar in his stander and was actually chasing my daughter around the house, pretending that he was going to run over her toes (he had just turned 2!) I realized then, that first and foremost, Nathan was just a regular little boy, teasing girls and having fun- and he happened to have SB. I LOVE this family and will be forever grateful for their willingness to support us during a difficult time. We (SB parents) should all strive to reach down and lift up the next "batch" of SB families coming along! I'm loving your posts, as I think that is exactly what you are doing! In my on-line search for info while I was pregnant, more than anything, I was comforted by the happy, smiling, beautiful faces that I saw on these kids! So thanks for putting more out there! :)

Joanna (and David) said...

How neat is that?! The fact that they've got those "through the years" pictures is just priceless. I hope they always stay friends!

Marissa said...

I mean "advice"...the days running into each other. Thanks again...Marissa

Kim said...

Its so awesome to see that these boys have each other as friends! We have a Spina Bifida buddy whow lives not too far from us as well....We LOVE seeing them together, and I dont know what I would do if we didnt have them to rely on!

Jamie said...

That is so awesome!!! I hope to find a little buddy for Madi too!

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