Saturday, October 30, 2010

Faces of Spina Bifida: Meet James David, Jordan, and Samantha!

This is James David
James David was born August 27, 2010.  He's just a little guy!  This picture is just too sweet.  James David's mom just started a blog and I encourage all of you to stop by and check out this little guy.  The name of her blog is Love Like Rain.  What a great name.  Here is a tiny bit from her blog:

"Now we are home, and now, even though James David has Spina Bifida and always will, we are happy. He is doing great, in spite of everything he's been through. I have learned to see past it all and enjoy his amazing personality. I have a spunky tiny man who smiles all the time, is learning to sit up and coo, and has a temper beyond all belief. My love for him still astounds even me. We are still in the rain, but its a crazy beautiful rain and we are dancing in it."
 This is Jordan
 What a beautiful young lady.  Jordan is almost 12 years old, she is in 6th grade.  Jordan walks with with and without AFO's, using her pretty pink forearm crutches.  The girl has amazing upper body strength!  Here is what her mom had to say:

"She is an Honor Roll Student, plays piano, sings in the school choir, is attending confirmation class at church and plays wheelchair basketball on the Dallas Jr. Mavs Wheelchair Basketball Prep Team! She won the All-Tournament Award for Girls/Prep Teams at the National Competition in Denver in the spring! She is outgoing, loves to talk (a social butterfly), loves school and amazes everyone!"
Again, proof that our kids can do anything!
This is Samantha
More pink forearm crutches!!  Samantha is 2 years old and is clearly doing amazing!  I don't know about you but I'm quite impressed seeing a two year old getting around with forearm crutches! Samantha has an older brother, James, and she loves to get dirty playing in the dirt with him.  She's a cutie.

Take time to learn more about Samantha by going to her blog: My Many Blessings

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Jamie said...

What adorable kiddos and wow, a 2 year old with forearm crutches is really awesome!!!

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