Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Faces of Spina Bifida: Meet Katelyn & Courtney AND Maylee & Sam David!

You are in for a real treat today folks!  Today I am featuring some very special families.  These families have a heart for kids that need a home, specifically children with Spina Bifida living in China.  These 2 families have such beautiful stories and you will be so blessed by meeting these kids today and I encourage you to take time to visit their blogs to learn more about them.

Katelyn and Courtney
Courtney (left) is 2 years old and was adopted April of this year. Katelyn (right) is 4 years old and was adopted in June of 2008.
 I asked Nicole (their mom) to tell me a little bit about her girls and this is what she said:
"Katelyn has blossomed so much since being in our family. When she first came to us, her eyes were sad... now they are full of life and ready to take on any challenge thrown at her.
Both of the girls have overcome so much already... just the fact that they are alive is a blessing from God. They are extremely determined and don't back down from trying something new. We are so thankful and blessed to call them our daughters."
I would encourage all of you to visit her blog: A Gaggle of Giggles.

This is Maylee and Sam David
Maylee will be turning 4 years old in December and she was adopted right before she turned 2 years old. This is what Maylee's mom had to say about her: "Maylee is one very determined little girl. She has the sweetest, most positive spirit even after spending all summer in the hospital. Maylee never complains and usually has a smile on her face."
Sam David is 2 years old and he was just adopted this past July.  Even though he has only been with his new forever family for a few months, mom says that he "fit in our family just like a perfect, missing puzzle piece".
 Please take the time to visit their blog: Living in a rainbow world.

Both of these families had biological children of their own but something in them wanted to reach out to these precious children who lived all the way across the world.  What a wonderful story.  It truly touches my heart.  I hope that all of you will take the time to visit their blogs and learn more about their families and these blessings they went all the way to China to get!

I have another family that I am going to feature soon.  They have a biological son, Aaron with SB and they adopted a little girl, Sarah (also has SB) from China last year.  I was going to feature them today along with these other cute kiddos but I thought 6 kids in one day might be a little too much!!  So be on the lookout for Aaron and Sarah in the days to come!

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