Sunday, October 10, 2010

Faces of Spina Bifida: Meet Kayla and Nate!

So it's day 10 of my "Faces of Spina Bifida" and you have already met 11 amazing kids. I am going to introduce you to 2 more today.

This is Kayla
Kayla turned 5 years old this summer.  She lives in South Africa!  How cool is that!?  She doesn't have a blog so I asked her mom (Jackie) to tell me a little bit about Kayla.  Kayla has had 4 surgeries, she has scoliosis and wears a brace and splints most of the time but that doesn't stop Kayla.  She is all smiles and according to her mom, she has a very contagious laugh!  I want to include part of Jackie's e-mail to me because it really touched my heart:

"I can't picture my life without her!!  Sometimes I catch myself thinking what if I listened to the “specialist” who told me to abort at 6 and a half months pregnant?? I would not have heard that beautiful laugh of hers, or look into those big beautiful eyes, or even hear her say “mommy  I love you”!!  She is the greatest and  best decision I have ever made in my life!!! I would not change her for anything!!  I know there is a long and bumpy road ahead, but it is all worth it!!"

I just love that.  And since she doesn't have a blog I'm going to post another picture of Kayla, this one with her younger sister Chloe.
I don't know about you guys, but I want to live there!!

This is Nate
If you can't tell, Nate is Superman!  Nate is 4 years old.  He was also a part of the fetal surgery and he was born 2 months premature in June of 2006.  He is a major superhero, he is walking independently!  He is really doing amazing.  I hadn't planned on featuring Nate today, I was going to introduce him later this month but then I read Colleen's (his mom) blog post this morning and decided I couldn't wait.  I want to encourage all of you to read this post and to take the time to visit their blog:  Choo Choos and TuTus.

As I have been working on these blog posts everyday I have read over and over again how so many parents were offered and even encouraged to terminate their pregnancy when it was discovered that their baby had  Spina Bifida (usually about halfway through the pregnancy).  I can relate to that.  We were basically told that Caleb would have no quality of life and that he might not even survive.  And then in the next breath, the doctor offered termination and told us that we needed to make that decision quickly since I was almost halfway through the pregnancy.  And this is the norm, this is what so many parents are told by doctors.  It is no wonder that so many of these babies never even get a chance at life, their parents are understandably terrified and they have a doctor that is telling them that termination is the best thing for the child.  It's horrible.  Do any of these kids appear to have a poor quality of life?  Do they seem unhappy?  Do they even seem unhealthy?  

This is a picture of Caleb running to home plate yesterday at his baseball game...
does this look like a child suffering from a poor quality of life?
Back in March I wrote a letter to the doctor that told us horrible, horrible things (I included a picture of Caleb with the letter).  You can read that letter by clicking here.  I never heard anything from the doctor but I didn't really expect to.

This is what Spina Bifida Awareness should be about.  I just hope that expecting parents stumble upon this blog and other blogs like it and discover what a tremendous blessing these kids are.  I believe these kids are made by God, just the way He wanted them to be.  And God doesn't make mistakes people.  Caleb is not a mistake, he's perfect.  I can't imagine my life without him and I don't want to.  I have never, not once, not even for a second regretted giving him a chance at life.  What if I had listened to that doctor?  What if all these parents had listened to their doctors?  This world would be missing some pretty amazing people.


Joanna (and David) said...

Abosulely Cassie - I can't imagine a world without these angels - which is part of why they are such miracles! We are so blessedt to know them. :)

Anonymous said...


Colleen said...

Thanks, Cassie!

Heather said...

This post brought me to tears. (a lot of them have lately) :-) Just sitting here reading that with Gwendolyn playing and smiling with her sister next to me. It's so good to bring SB awarenoess to people out there that don't know. But it's also such a good reminder to those of us who love our babies with SB to treasure each day and thank God that He has brought them into our lives. What a gift we have all been given! Thank you for your posts Cassie. You are in inspiration to me. :-)

Leigh and Andy said...

I just LOVE all of these posts!! Our kids are so amazing and you are telling their stories so SO well!! Thanks so much for doing this Cassie!!

jackie said...

Hi Cassie,
Thanks for featuring my little angle on your blog. I read your letter to the DR, I went through exactly the same thing, what makes it all so much worse is that the Dr seemed not to have any 'feelings' she told to terminate as easy as a chef would ask for eggs!! I've been wanting to write to her for a long time, and now thanks to you, maybe I will!!

Amanda said...

This month is so wonderful! I can't wait to see your blogs in the morning!
I wrote a letter to my doctor as well, I am sending it to the Canadian medical association, midwife association, obstetrician society, and medical schools.
I HAD to write my letter after finding out that my story was actually very common and it made me SO ANGRY!
I'm glad you sent your letter, it's too bad you never heard back.

Jill said...

ABSOLUTELY!!!! Another awesome one Cassie!

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