Thursday, October 28, 2010

Faces of Spina Bifida: Meet Lyla, Sara, and Kennedy!

Finally some girls to feature!!

This is Lyla
How sweet is she?  The girl may just have a diaper on but she still knows how to rock that bow!  Too cute.
Lyla was born February 17, 2010, she is 8 months old.  Lyla was born with bi-lateral club feet and went through casting in order to correct them.  She does have mild hydrocephalus but so far NO SHUNT!  You can read her story by clicking here.  You can also learn more about Ms. Lyla by going to her Caringbridge site.

This is Sara Elisabeth
Seriously, is this sweet thing just totally precious!  Loving the pearls with the tutu!  And of course the bow!  Good grief, I can barely stand the cuteness.
Sara was born in December of 2009, so her first birthday is right around the corner.  She has 2 older brothers who just love her to pieces.  And I bet she has her daddy wrapped around her sweet little finger.
You can read more about Sara (and see more pictures of her in tutus) by going to her blog: My Little BIG Miracle

This is Kennedy
Pretty young lady.
Kennedy is 13 years old, she is in 7th grade.  Kennedy loves to swim, play on the computer, and she collects playing cards.  And would you believe this lady absolutely LOVES wrestling!  Her mom says Kennedy is the worlds biggest WWE fan.  
Currently, Kennedy is one of 4 kids but she will soon be one of 5.  Her family is adopting an almost one year old boy with Spina Bifida.  
Kennedy's mom just started a blog today!  Here it is: Carpenters


lysette said...

Thanks so much for using Lyla :) Love what you have done by getting all of these angels out there!


I love that you featured Kennedy! She is so precious! The Carpenters are one of our favorite families and close friends! Kennedy is one of the sweetest young ladies you will ever meet!

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