Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Faces of Spina Bifida: Meet Nate, Gage, and Justin!

This is Nate
 Nate is 2 years old.  Nate has RGO's and a walker.  He is one smart kid, he knows his letters, colors and shapes.  He can count to 10!!  Brains and cuteness...a total package!  Nate is supposed to have a new wheelchair right now but things haven't exactly gone smoothly.  It was supposed to be blue, but it's red.  Then the wheels were too's a mess.  Hopefully things will get figured out soon so this kid can take off in his new wheels!
Please take the time to visit Nate's blog, his mom does a great job with it.  Dancing in the Rain

 This is Gage
Gage turned 3 on August 28th.  He has a little sister, Evie.  Gage is doing amazing!! He has started walking independently with only his AFO's.  That is HUGE!  Jessica (his mom) takes Gage up to the university so that HE can teach the students.  Jessica also does a couple of presentations on Spina Bifida each semester.  How cool is that?  Here are some things that Jessica has to say about her big boy Gage

"It's hard to decide how to describe Gage.  He is so much and I know no matter what I say, nobody will understand him without meeting him.  He's kind, cuddly, FRIENDLY, talkative, THREE, busy, strong, sensitive, LOVABLE, funny, smart, and AMAZING!  He loves his baby sister, and she thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread."
Learn more about Gage by going to his blog:  The Fincher Adventure 
This is Justin
How cute is that little belly and those chubby legs!!  Justin is a little over a year old.  He just got his first pair of braces (AFO's) and is already learning how to stand up in them.  I see this kid doing big things in the future!  Justin has an older sister, her name is Madi.

Take the time to learn more about Justin by visiting his blog:  Mountains and Miracles 
(what a great blog name)


MountainsAndMiracles said...

this is great. thanks for including us!

Stephanie said...

Yay! So fun seeing his picture on another blog! :) Yes, we are in the middle of a mess right now-but at least he is getting around. Thanks for featuring our little guy!

Anonymous said...

Go Nate... really great to see you on the post for SB awareness! Can't wait to see Nate again- soon! Becky

Colleen said...

Ooh! Another blog I didn't follow!

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