Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Faces of Spina Bifida: Meet Toby, Owen, and Jeremiah!

This is Toby
I'm just going to preface this by saying that I LOVE Toby.  Just looking at this kid makes me smile.  He absolutely warms my heart.  To know him is to fall in love!
Toby was born December 28th, 2006.  He will be turning 4 years old this year.  Toby has quite a story and I'm not even going to try and explain everything here but his mom, Carrie, (I love her too) has written "Toby's story on their Caringbridge site.  Please take the time to read that.  Toby has 2 older brothers, and one younger sister.  Toby has a trach, feeding tube and a ventilator.  He has progressed so much that he is only using the ventilator at night!  That was a huge victory for him and his family.  Toby has braces, a walker, wheelchair, and a stander.  Toby is really doing amazing...I could go on and on.

I "met" Toby's mom, Carrie a few years ago in a SB group.  She recognized the name of my blog, "Beyond Measure", as the title to a Jeremy Camp song.  Anyone that likes Jeremy Camp is an immediate friend of mine!  Carrie and I kept in touch online over the years and I have always considered her to be a good friend.  Carrie lives many, many miles away from me so the chances of us ever getting to see each other face to face seemed unlikely.  We used to joke that even if we didn't meet here on Earth, we would definitely meet in Heaven.  Well....it just so happened that Carrie had a family reunion about 20 minutes from my house last summer!  We actually got to spend time together and it was such a blessing.
 You can read about our meeting by clicking here.

Please take the time to read more about Toby by visiting his Caringbridge site and by visiting his family blog: The Holt's Joy.

This is Owen
Owen was born January 26, 2007.  Along with Spina Bifida, Owen was also born with bi-lateral cleft lip and palate.   He's had 16 surgeries (14 in his first 13 months of life).  Owen has 2 brothers and one sister.  I love what his mom had to say about him,
"He is such a joyful little guy.  He is our sunshine and a constant reminder of God's goodness and faithfulness through any storm."
 You can read more about Owen by going to his Caringbridge site and by reading "His Story".  You can also visit his family blog:  It's a wonderful life.

I decided to feature Toby and Owen together because they actually know each other.
How cute are these 2 boys!!  They look like they could be brothers don't they?

This is Jeremiah
Oh my goodness, how cute is this baby!!
Jeremiah was born April 19th of the year, he is 6 months old.  Jeremiah was born with club feet so he has gone through a series of castings to correct that. Here is what Hannah, his mom, had to say about her baby boy,
"He is an easy baby with a very sweet temperament.  It is our hope that God will be glorified through Jeremiah's life"
Hannah has also been featuring kids on her site every Monday.  Please take the time to read "Jeremiah's story" and visit his Caringbridge site 
And I just had to share this picture of Jeremiah with his big sister...this is too cute.
I love how she is holding his ear!
If these kiddos are new faces to you, make sure you sign their guest books and leave comments so that they know you stopped by!!  We all love it when people leave comments!


Carrie said...

You are so sweet; your post today made me shed many tears!! I am so blessed to know you, Jen, and Hannah (moms of all the kids posted today). Thank you for making our world much smaller by connecting all these families.
Love you so much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your hard work, Cassie! I still can't believe you had time to blog while Caleb was in the hospital! I can't tell you how special this month has been for me. I have connected to so many more families, and a lot of that is due to your blog. Thanks for the kind words about Jeremiah and all the other sweet children you write about.

fivejensenboyz said...

It's so funny how many of us never see our fellow SB moms or kids but we love these families so much from far away. Kumaka, Toby, and Owen are very close in age so I feel such a connection to them. But Cassie, I am so grateful that you are spotlighting other children so we can connect to even more families. So very grateful for this connection and bond.....

Tracy Jensen

Kathy said...

I love reading your blog and seeing pictures of kids I know! I've been following Owen's story since before my daughter was born 18 months ago. All these kids are just incredibly beautiful, such blessings to their families. Thank you for helping me connect with more SB families.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing these three boys! Of course, our family is very close with Carrie's, but I also know of Owen and his mom, Jen, through Carrie. I have known Hannah since we were little. We grew up together in Indiana. All three of these moms are amazing and I love to see how well their boys are doing! Thanks for sharing, Cassie!

Erika Weise
mom to Evan (who has SMA)

Rebecca said...

What inspirations to read about each and every precious child that is featured.

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