Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's been awhile since I blogged about my own kids!

I've been so busy blogging about other people's kids that I have forgotten I have kids of my own to blog about!  So here you go!

 We took the boys outside after dinner tonight.
  Benjamin had a long nap today so we needed him to burn off some of that energy.  He loves going outside and threw a huge fit when it was time to come it...but he kinda throws a fit over everything.  He's a stinker!

 We walked over to see our neighbor Steve and his cat "Pretty Kitty."  Every time Benjamin sees that cat he gets so excited and says "Kitty Kitty, Kitty Kitty".  It's so cute.  He wants that cat so bad but she won't let him love on her, she always runs off.

 It is so hard to get a picture of Benjamin because he is always on the move.  He is always so busy that he is blurry in almost every picture!  Not sure why he has on the "Bob the Builder" glasses??

 Playing with some sidewalk chalk.

Here's a little Caleb update.  Kindergarten seems to be going well, he survived the first 6 weeks...and I guess I did too.  I met with his teacher this week and it sounds like he does get distracted very easily and doesn't always focus on his work.  It's hard to know if that is just because he is only 5 years old or if it is something to be concerned about.  Kids with SB and hydrocephalus are more likely to struggle in school, not because they aren't intelligent but because their brains tend to work a little different.  Things like reading comprehension, attention, organization, sequencing, can be a challenge for them.  Caleb's only 5 so I think it is a little too soon to worry (it isn't easy for me to NOT worry-I worry about everything).  Overall, he is doing well and seems to really like it.

I love taking him to school each day.  He is known by everyone, even the kids that aren't in his class know him.  Everyone says "Hi Caleb" as he goes into the building.  There was one day last week that 2 girls from his class saw us coming to the school and they said "Hiiiiii Caleb", and then they waited for him so that they could walk with him to class.  It was so cute.  I read to his class last week and it gave me a chance to watch him with his peers and he just fits right in.  The kids don't seem to notice his walker or wheelchair at all, they just see their friend Caleb.  When he gets to school he parks his wheelchair outside of the classroom and gets into his walker all by himself and then just walks right into class.  Such a big boy!  I couldn't be more proud of that boy.  He is just wonderful.

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Dill Family said...

Have to agree... you have pretty cool kids!

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