Saturday, October 02, 2010

Let's play ball!!

Caleb played another game of baseball this morning.  We had an early game and the weather was gorgeous!  Perfect weather for a game of baseball.  We had his baseball pants on him but discovered that they were a tad too big when they fell down to Caleb's ankles while he was walking!  So we just put some shorts on him, hopefully we will have some pants that fit a little bit better for next his next game.
 Benjamin chose to eat a snack in the dugout while Caleb played ball.

 Headed to home plate!
Caleb did great and had so much fun!!  I am just so glad this is available to him.  Every child should be able to participate in some kind of sports.  Every child there is just grinning ear to ear because they are so excited to be outside playing baseball.  It just warms the heart.

And of course, I had to include a video of Caleb walking the bases.  He used his walker a lot this morning and his legs were super tired by the end of it.  I was so proud of him though, he just works so hard.


Dill Family said...

Love that you guys have this in your area!!

Dill Family said...

Love that you have this in your area!!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute! Brought a tear to my eye. :-)
Heather c.

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