Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mario and Luigi take over Halloween!

Mario and Luigi (aka Caleb & Benjamin) took over Halloween this weekend!  Their costumes were a big hit, they had everyone talking.  I don't know how many people took pictures of Caleb on their phones, his picture is probably all over the place by now!  

We had our church's Hallelujah Carnival this afternoon.

This is one of the few picture I got with Mario and Luigi in the same shot.  It is virtually impossible for Benjamin to be still long enough for me to get a decent picture.

 I have to admit that I am really proud of this costume and what we were able to do with Caleb's wheelchair.  He loves playing Mario Kart at my parent's house so I thought this would be a great costume for him.  I think he was really proud of it and he seemed to enjoy all the attention it got.

 Benjamin did great leaving the mustache on but it was had getting him to keep the hat on!

 Caleb had a lot of fun at the carnival today.

Luigi has never looked cuter!  It was so funny as walked around our church, people would see Caleb first and say: "Look at Mario in his car!"  And then Benjamin would be right behind him and people got such a kick out of seeing "Luigi" too.  There were several kids dressed like Mario (although they didn't have a cool race car) but Benjamin was the only Luigi.

 Caleb and his Daddy (who just happens to be wearing his cool Redefining SB shirt).
Me and the star of the Hallelujah Carnival!

 Yesterday we went to a Starlight Halloween Party.  It just happened to be at Texas Christian University (my Alma Mater). It's been awhile since I have been on campus and it has changed quite a bit.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  Almost makes me want to go back to school there to get my Masters or something!  Just kidding.
 Luigi running around like a maniac all over the campus!  This was right after his Luigi hat flew off and landed in the water fountain.

It was a fun weekend for us and the boys.  We had the Pumpkin Patch yesterday and 2 parties.  Mario and Luigi are pooped and sleeping soundly.

I entered Caleb's costume in a contest to win a Flip video camera.  If you would like to vote for Caleb click here and then scroll to find his pic and then "like" Caleb's picture.

Someone pointed out to me that I never featured Caleb on my "Faces of Spina Bifida".  It really never occurred to me to feature him because I figure that if you are visiting this blog then you already know Caleb.  I did recently update "His Story" if you want to check that out.  Caleb's story was actually featured on the Kidz blog last week.  That was pretty cool!


Stephanie said...

Oh. My. Cuteness! What an adorable idea. Really, just too cool! Cassie, you really outdid yourself with that car. I was thinking that it would be cool to come up with a costume that would incorporate Nate's wheel chair (for next year-he really is just still learning to get around now) and you have TOTALLY inspired me. They are definitely the cutest Mario and Luigi I have ever seen!

Colleen said...

Really, really adorable! Both of them!

Jamie said...

Oh my goodness, SO cute!! I LOVE what you did to his wheelchair too!!

Ray, Star, Tanner, and Connor said...

Oh my! Such a great adorable idea! I love all of your ideas that you have done with Caleb's chair! I've accepted that Tanner will most likely need one, and you inspire me to make the most of it and be creative!

Joanna said...

You are too stinkin CREATIVE!! Love his costume! And the 2 of them together is just pure cuteness. :) Great job! Now the pressure for next year begins... lol.

Selina said...

Wow! These are so great...You are so creative! Really amazing... I Love it!!

krousehouse said...

You have the cutest, most creative costumes...and really cute kids to boot1

Holli said...

oh my gosh, finally getting around to checking every one's blogs today and just had to get my hubby over here to look at what you guys did with the costumes. FABULOUS!!!!!!!! sooooo creative, you rock!!!

AZ Chapman said...

I love playing mario and Lugi so I love the coustume.

My name is AX I am a collage student with CP. I am so glad i found your blog I hope u visit mine. You probably are ready know this but u have cute kids.

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