Sunday, October 03, 2010

Fun at the Park

 If you live in this area, you know that the weather has been absolutely perfect the past few days.  We decided this afternoon was a good time to take the boys to the park.  We took Caleb's Amtryke so he could ride all through the park.  Benjamin tried to help push him when he got stuck, such a good little brother.

 Do you like my shirt?  It says "I'm blogging this".  I got it from my parents for my birthday, which happens to be tomorrow.  I've had my eye on this shirt for awhile so I was super excited about getting it for my birthday.  I figure it is an appropriate shirt for me since I pretty much blog about everything!

 Caleb pedaled that tryke all over the park!

 Me and my little guy.  He has so much fun at the park.  He was all over the place.

 There was this huge pile of dirt and of course the boys were instantly drawn to it.  I laughed at this little girl there who had on these pretty purple and white shoes.  She was standing by the dirt and her dad was telling her to go ahead and climb up the hill.  And she said, "But my shoes will get dirty."  Loved it.
Benjamin had more fun digging in the dirt with this stick.  He easily could have stayed there for hours just digging in the dirt.  And let me tell you that Benjamin threw the BIGGEST FIT ever when it was time to go!  You would have thought the kid was dying the way he was screaming and carrying on.  I just love it when I'm trying to put him in his car seat and he is arching his back and twisting around.  Good times.  He is a toot folks, a toot 100%.

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