Saturday, May 28, 2011


Last week Caleb's class had a field trip to the zoo, but due to the horrible tummy bug that had taken over our home, he missed the field trip.  And he was super disappointed.  So, we promised that we would take him to the zoo once we all got to feeling better.  Today was that day.  And it would figure that the day we decide to go to the zoo, Texas has the highest temperature so far this year...100 degrees!!  Good gravy, it was steamy today.
The boys were so excited about going to the zoo.  I don't think the heat bothered them near as much as it bothered Glenn and I.  Although Caleb started getting grumpy after a couple of hours because he was so hot.
I've learned that zoos are not super wheelchair friendly.  Caleb couldn't see much from his chair so Glenn had to pick him up a lot so he could see the exhibits.  Of course, Benjamin couldn't see well either since he is still so little so he had to be picked up quite a bit too.
Not sure what Caleb is looking at here but I just loved the expression on his face.  Plus its a good shot of his spiky hair that he is so proud of!
This picture cracks me up.  Even the animals were hot.  I bet they get sick of thousands of people staring at them every single day.  
I've named these two guys Caleb and Benjamin :)
I wonder if meerkats make good pets??  They are so cute.
I just thought it was funny how this duck was laying.

The zoo currently has a dinosaur exhibit with several life size dinosaurs on display throughout the park.  These dinosaurs actually move a little bit and make sounds.
Benjamin checking out one of the dinosaurs.  Um, he wasn't too sure about it.

Here is what Caleb thought of the life-like dinosaurs...
...clearly not a fan.

The boys had the most fun riding the train.

And then we had a furry little friend join us for lunch.
This squirrel had absolutely no fear.  He (or she) came right up to the table and practically begged for food.  So I gave it a piece of bread from my sandwich.  He (or she) loved it and quickly came back for more.  Who knew that squirrels like homemade whole wheat bread, it must be the bits of pecans I bake into the bread that enticed this squirrel.  He (or she) just kept begging so I kept feeding him (or her).
I think this silly squirrel was my favorite part of the entire day!

My sweet Benjamin was exhausted by the time we were done.  He was literally falling over asleep in the wagon.  Isn't that face just gorgeous? Sweet boy.

All-in-all, a good day at the zoo.


Stephanie said...

Love the pictures! I thought the orangatans looked like my boys, too so I laughed when I saw that you named them Caleb and Benjamin! Cute, cute boys!

Becca said...

Caleb's been doing some growing! Looks like he could do with his footplate dropping down a cm or two - check out those knees!

I have always loved the zoo too, I'm lucky to have Knowsley about 30 miles away - pretty much my favourite thing to do. :)

Our family said...

We love the zoo! ND has maybe hit 75 :) It's been a cold spring. The boys are soooo cute!

Scasmflops said...

:) Sweet.

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