Monday, June 27, 2011

One Weekend. 2 Birthday Parties.

Caleb was Mr. Popular this weekend and had two birthday parties to go to.  His buddy Bryce's party was on Saturday.  The theme was Indiana Jones.  Too cute.
Caleb had a lot of fun at Bryce's party.
There was a water gun fight.
Caleb, Bryce and Nathan just sat there shooting each other with water guns.  It was too funny.
Little stinker trying to shoot his mom with a water gun.  Maybe he is tired of me taking his picture??

There was a silly string fight.
I think this was Caleb's first silly string fight...he loved it.
In case you are wondering, silly string is really hard to get off of walkers.
There is silly string all in his glasses and hair.  Look at that smile, I think someone is having a good time.

Where is Benjamin you ask?  Well, he was having his own fun.
Picking up piles of leaves and throwing them is always a fun activity for Benjamin.
Oh, and getting to eat a blue lollipop is pretty fun too.
The lollipop matches his eyes.  He's so cute.

There was a small playground for the kids to play on.  Caleb decided to try out his new skills and attempt to climb the equipment by himself.  Totally his idea.
So proud of himself!  And you know what?  I'm proud too.

And just for fun here are some of Bryce's past birthday parties.  It's fun to see how much our kiddos have grown.

And then on Sunday, Caleb went to a birthday party at a local petting zoo.  It was super hot and all us adults were absolutely melting but the kids had so much fun.  It's like the heat just doesn't phase kids at all!

We saw the goats first.  And the goats loved Caleb.
 The goats just surrounded him.  Maybe they have never seen a wheelchair before or something.  They did like to munch on his braces for some reason.
This black goat kept trying to head butt Caleb's chair.  Glenn had to keep pushing the goat back.  It was a bit comical.
Benjamin preferred to keep a safe distance.  He was more interested in playing in the dirt and if you had been there you would have heard me say (several times): "Benjamin get off the ground, that's not dirt!"  Goats poop.  A lot.
I just liked this picture.
The boys got to ride a pony.  Benjamin loved this!  I was holding him to make sure he didn't fall off the pony so I wasn't able to get any pictures of him, but trust me, Benjamin loved it!  He sees his bubba ride a horse every week so I think he was excited to finally get to ride a horse himself.
Checkin' out the tractor.
These are our attempts at getting a picture of the family.  It's not easy to hold the camera out far enough to get a picture.  And it is really hard to hold the camera out to get a picture while you are on a hay ride!
That is one good-lookin' family right there folks!  The cute boys make Glenn and I look good. :)


Carrie said...

Love your new post - so cute. What a fun birthday party - Caleb is getting so old - he looks like such a big boy. It's hard to believe how long we've known each other for sure! :)
Miss you and love you,

Gretchen said...

Sounds like lots of birthday Fun!! In our family it is NOT a birthday without a silly string war... we LOVE them :-)

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