Monday, November 21, 2011

Family Camp 2011

This past weekend was a weekend I look forward to all year long...Spina Bifida Family Camp!!  So. Much. Fun.  I feel so blessed to live in an area that has such an active SB chapter and has such a wonderful camp available for all of us families to get together.  Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures...go ahead and have a seat if you aren't already sitting down.

Our local SB family!  This was the biggest Family Camp ever with 24 families!

There was a huge get-together the first night.  It was great to see so many familiar faces and also have a chance to meet some new ones.  This was our 5th year to camp so I feel like I have truly seen many of the kids grow up.

It is so nice to spend a weekend with people that "get it".  I don't have to explain anything about Caleb because they are on the exact same journey.  They understand our day to day because their day to day is similar.  The know all the jargon and lingo.  It's just nice.

I think Benjamin felt a bit left out that he didn't have a wheelchair after seeing so many other kids with one.  He stole Caleb's chair several times over the weekend.  I think he was just trying to fit in with everyone else.  It's funny that Benjamin was the minority because he didn't have a wheelchair!

Caleb enjoying a snow cone.  He got to eat a variety of food over the weekend that he doesn't normally get to enjoy.

Caleb wanted to take the cooking class.  He got to make and eat a bunch of junk and he loved it.  Although I didn't let him eat the "squid dogs" (middle picture).  There is just something gross about a boiled hot dog with pasta noodles shoved through it.  Yuck.

Caleb climbing the rocks at the outdoor chapel.

The chapel has several large stones with scripture engraved in.  The chapel is probably one of my favorite locations at camp.

I have no idea what I am laughing at in the picture but it cracks me up.  Something must have been pretty funny.

I took over 200 photos at camp and this one, without a doubt, is my favorite.  This picture just captures my life.  

Since Benjamin was less than cooperative (see picture above), I decided to just get a nice pic with my first born.  I love this kid.

Best smile ever.

Daddy taking Caleb to read one of the scriptures.

Playing dress up with some silly hats.  Benjamin refused to participate...see previous uncooperative photo a few pictures up.

Hanging out under the bell tower.

Caleb with his buddies, Bryce and Nathan.

Playing with Taylor.

Benjamin found a ball as big as he is!

 Time to fish! (we didn't catch anything-but Nathan's mom did!)

Watching Bubba fish.

View from the fishing dock.

Benjamin found a friend :)

This is the Saddle room.  The families hang out here in between activities so they can chat and let the kids play together.  So much fun. 

We were cabin neighbors with Bryce.  The boys found it fun to play in the water fountain.

This is at the entrance to camp.  I have wanted to get a picture here every year and I finally got it this year!

Caleb and Landry (Bryce's big brother).  Caleb adores him.

 It was a long, exhausting weekend for both boys (mom and dad too) but no one was more tired than Benjamin.  He fell asleep pretty quickly on the way home.  It was just a lot of fun for such a little guy.  By Sunday morning he was saying: "I'm ready to go home. Let's go home."

All in all, it was a really great weekend.  We look forward to Family Camp every single year and the older Caleb gets, the more fun camp is.

Here are links to previous years:

I would also like to thank my mom for watching Izzy for us so we could go to camp.  This was my mom's first  last time dog sitting Izzy.  When I called her to let her know we were back from camp, the first thing she said was "Thank God".  I think Izzy gave my mom a run for her money :).  My mom enjoyed having a playful puppy in the house but she ran out of energy long before Izzy did.  God bless you mom for taking care of our lunatic dog.  We really appreciate it.

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Colleen said...

Love seeing the pics! We're doing our first family camp in Kentucky in April and I am SOOO excited!!

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