Saturday, February 04, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

For Christmas, Grandpa Joel bought us an overnight stay at the Great Wolf Lodge.  We decided to surprise the boys on Thursday with a trip to the the GWL.  They had no idea we were going until we pulled up to the lodge.  The boys were so excited.

If you aren't familiar with it, the Great Wold Lodge is basically a hotel that has about a million different things to do.  The coolest thing is the indoor water park, but it also has restaurants, an arcade, a spa (even a spa for kids), and several different games and activities.

Our room was on the top floor so the boys got to see several of these fly past our window.
They thought that was pretty cool.

 The indoor water park is very neat. I've never seen anything like it.

(notice the socks and knee pads...looks a bit silly but it keeps those precious feet and knees from getting all scratched up)

Caleb did have a near drowning experience (that is a bit of an exaggeration).  Glenn tipped over in an inner tube and both he and Caleb went under.  Scared me to death but Glenn was quick and scooped Caleb out of the water quickly.  Despite the fact that Caleb does not like water in his ears or eyes or nose, he handled the near drowning (again, I'm exaggerating) very well.

I think the arcade may have been Caleb's favorite thing about the lodge.  The giant touch screen with "Fruit Ninja" was pretty cool (Caleb loves that game-and he's pretty good at it too).

Taking some time to color :)

All-in-all, a great time. Although I am learning that I do not enjoy sleeping with or in the same room with my kids.  I shared a bed with Caleb and he snored the entire night (he was very congested) and I could hear Benjamin sucking his thumb throughout the night.  Add to that, the nightmare I had that involved a wolf eating my head (it is called the Great WOLF Lodge)...I got about 5 or 6 minutes of sleep that night.  Despite the lack of sleep, we had a great time.


Jill said...

LOL!!! Sounds like a great trip! ;) We have one of those here and I've been wondering about what age King would have to be to get anything out of it. Maybe I'll wait until they're old enough for adjoining rooms!

HennHouse said...

Sounds awesome!!

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