Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wheelchair Basketball

Caleb loves wheelchair basketball, absolutely loves it. It is so fun to watch. I feel blessed just watching all these kids work so hard and have so much fun. The coaches don't mess around, practice is 2 full hours of learning basketball basics, increasing endurance, improving agility, and just good ole' exercise.

Here are a few pics from yesterday's practice:

A 10 foot goal is a bit too high for the younger kids so a special backboard attachment is put on the goal to make the goal 8 feet. 8 feet is still too high for the kids Caleb's age, but I've seen some of the 10 year old kids make a basket at that height. 

The younger kids were working on defense. Coach Michelle was teaching the kids how to block another player but putting your chair right in front of them.

 They also worked on some drills.
First, you had to back up next to the chair

Then, do a spin around the back of the chair.

And finally end up on the opposite side of the chair.

I just love seeing all these wheelchairs. It makes my heart smile.

The USA men's wheelchair basketball team won the Bronze medal at the London Paralympics and the kids got a chance to hold it. Very cool.

Caleb holding an actual, real-life Bronze medal.  So cool.

Benjamin got a turn too.
Don't ask me why he is in Caleb's chair, I think he assumes because all the other kids are using chairs, he should too. The other day Benjamin pointed at his head and said: "Here is my shunt!" I said: "Benjamin, you don't have a shunt." His response: "YES I DO! It's right here!" (while pointing at his head). It cracks me up that Benjamin thinks having a shunt is cool so he wants one like his bubba.

I noticed today that my "Wheelchair Review" blog post has gotten several hundred views this week! Good grief, who knew so many people wanted to read about wheelchairs and their accessories!

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