Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween 2012: Cardboard creations

I know Halloween isn't actually until next week but since Caleb's school had a "Trunk or Treat" last night, you folks are getting to see my cardboard creations a bit early. We started transforming Caleb's wheelchair into cardboard costume magic when he was 3 years old. You can check out the costumes of Halloween's past by clicking on the links: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. This year Caleb chose a very obscure character from Mario Kart...Dry Bones. Here is what Dry Bones looks like:

My initial thought when he requested Dry Bones was..."Ummm...I don't know how to do this". He picked a character that doesn't have a costume hanging on the rack at Walmart. This costume doesn't exist. So I had to make it. I think I'm actually more proud of the fact that I made the costume he is wearing than I am over the wheelchair costume itself. I'll share how I made the costume on a later post, for now I'm just going to share some pics of the  finished product.

Caleb originally wanted Dry Bones to be riding a motorcycle but that seemed impossible for me to create out of cardboard. I got a headache just thinking about how in the world I could make a wheelchair look like a motorcycle. It was tall Dry Bones is driving a car. I can make a car out of cardboard, I have experience with that.

The cutest Dry Bones ever.
He won "Best Costume" at the event.

Dry Bones' shell. I'll share how I made that too.

 I told him to give me a scare Dry Bones' face...
...this is what I got.

I assumed that all the kids would know exactly who Caleb was and wouldn't need to ask. Well, I learned that kids today aren't playing nearly enough video games because Caleb was asked several times who he was supposed to be! What! This is clearly Dry Bones people, how do you not know this? Although there were a number of dads that knew exactly who Caleb was. Apparently the dads play more video games than the kids do. It was funny because I could tell Caleb was getting tired of saying "I'm Dry Bones" because at one point he looked at me and rolled his eyes in exasperation because he had been asked "Who are you Caleb?" one too many times. So funny.

And now for Benjamin's cardboard creation. I thought it would be fun to put something special together for Benjamin this year. He is getting older and I wanted him to have something of his own. Caleb's costumes always get so much attention...I wanted Benjamin to get a piece of the action too. Plus he is getting old enough that I felt like he would appreciate and actually wear a costume. So I transformed an old diaper box into a fire truck.

He was so proud of this thing. So proud.

Showing off the back side of his fancy fire engine!

I even added working headlights (that was his favorite part).
He got a fair amount of attention as well.

The boys will get another opportunity to wear their costumes next week. I'm hoping the costumes hold up!

I'll do another post in a couple of days to show how I made these costumes. I think people see them and think I spent weeks on them and that it is really hard...but it's really not that hard and I really didn't spend too much time on them. I try to keep it fun for me and not make it a huge job that robs the projects of fun. I promise these weren't that hard to make at all. I'll try to get the "how to" post up over the weekend for you folks that want to see how these were made.


Jessica said...

I always look forward to seeing your costume creations!! Love it! Your boys both look great!

Anonymous said...

Hopping over from "love that Max" to say hi! Awesome costumes and such detail! :) ~ Jamie

Anonymous said...

Your costumes are great! We also incorporate the wheelchair into costumes for our kids. You should submit photos of your costumes to Coolest Homemade Costumes. They have a wheelchair category here:
(You might get ideas for future costumes there!)

Unknown said...

Wow. I am in awe and will never show this to my Allie since she is always lamenting that I am the least craftiest mom in the world and this will prove her right! :)

(found you via love that max link-up)

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