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SB Family Camp 2012

This past weekend was our favorite weekend of the year...Spina Bifida Family Camp! We have been going to Family Camp since Caleb was 2 years old, this was our 6th year. It gets better and better every single year. As Caleb has gotten older he enjoys it more and more. He was so excited about going this year. We all were. Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures.

Glenn actually designed the t-shirts for camp this year. They came out really cute. 

Family Camp is at Camp John Marc. CJM is specifically designed for a variety of special needs camps. It is an amazing place. Once Caleb turns 8 we are no longer eligible for Family Camp. At that point he is old enough to go to a week long SB camp during the summer. Without mommy and daddy. So, this was our second to last year we can go to camp as a family.
We saw these guys right as we were driving up to our cabin.

Caleb and Bryce joking around at dinner on Friday night.

There is a big get-together on Friday night. It allows all the families time to visit and play games. My favorite part of camp is seeing all the families and the kids. I feel like I have watched so many of these kids grow up. It's amazing to see how far they have come and I love seeing the new faces of all the younger kiddos coming to camp for the very first time.
Benjamin playing with the stacking cups, only he made a train out of them. He played with these same cups last year at camp.

Getting some snuggle time with my boys on the giant bean bag chair.

Benjamin at the bean bag toss.

I was pretty impressed with Benjamin's building abilities. He had a pretty decent tower going.

After breakfast on Saturday morning we have a scavenger hunt. There are a list of clues that take you all over the camp.
Caleb and I being silly in the costume room.

Silly with daddy.
(Benjamin refused to put on any costumes...he was being stubborn)

Silly boy.

Next was this.
The Challenge Course. Also known as "The Ropes Course"

The climbing wall. You have to tackle this bad boy before you can do the zip line.

Giving the thumbs up before it was his turn.
I'm not going to lie, I had my doubts that Caleb would really go through with this. He's not crazy about heights and this was really, really high. Luckily we were scheduled on the ropes course at the same time as several of his SB buddies, they were all there supporting each other.
Working his way up the climbing wall.

Benjamin chillin' while we waited for Bubba to make it to the top.

Whew, he made it.
(this is where I thought Caleb could potentially freak out and refuse to zip line down)

Let's watch and find out what happened

I couldn't believe it! I was so proud of him. There is no way I would have done that at only 7 years old.

I think he had fun.
Seriously so proud of that kid.

After some extreme sports, it was time to settle down with some pottery.

 And cooking class (Caleb's favorite)

He is excited to try the dessert nachos he made.

Benjamin with a mouth full of sugary goodness.
The boys were allowed to eat all kinds of junk over the weekend. They were loving it.

Our last activity for Saturday was fishing.

Caleb and his buddy Nathan.


Benjamin's big catch of the day.

Benjamin quote after touching the fish: "It feels wet."

Caleb racing down a giant hill at break-neck speed.

Benjamin moving leaves around.

 A camp favorite is s'mores and songs at the campfire.

Sunday morning is very relaxed, with just breakfast and visiting time.
Our dining hall.

All of the families gather after breakfast to visit and say their goodbyes.

On our way out we stopped by the chapel to take a few photos.

(again Benjamin was being stubborn and wouldn't get in the photo)

Oh, there's Benjamin. I don't think that smile is genuine though, it looks a little forced.

Pictures in front of the Camp John Marc sign.

I love this photo of Caleb with his arms crossed. He was made at me because I wouldn't let him hold a giant rock while we took the picture.

It was an exhausting but incredibly fun weekend. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful SB family. It is so fun to see all the kids each year. And what a blessing for them to get an entire weekend of being around other kids that are just like them. It's wonderful.

Should you want to see photos from the previous years...

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The Blacks said...

That absolutely looks like a TON of fun. I wish we had something like that here in South Carolina or the Charlotte area.

I just love your family although I have never met you guys. LOVE reading your blog and looking at all the wonderful pictures.

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