Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wheelchair Basketball Tournament

Caleb had his very first basketball tournament yesterday. It was at a local college, the same one we went to for wheelchair tennis and to watch the Movin' Mavs game. It was a very long, but very fun day.

Seriously, I could barely stand the cuteness of Caleb in his jersey.

Love it.

Practicing his dribbling skills. A very tough skill to master.

One of the highlights of the day for me was the opportunity to meet a fellow SB mom. I only "know" her online so it was a real treat to get to meet in person. They came down from Oklahoma to play our team in the tournament.
Casey was running some defense here. He did a great job of blocking Caleb.

Watching Casey and Caleb on the court was maybe the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Casey and Caleb.

The team all huddled up.

Caleb is one of the youngest on the team so the expectation for him isn't terribly high. The coach mostly expects the younger players to work on their defense game and block the opponents from getting to the goal. Caleb actually does a pretty good job at blocking. He is super quick with his chair. He did manage to get his hands on the ball once during a game but since he can't dribble yet the ref had the blow the whistle for "traveling". Caleb was so excited to get his hands on the ball and then looked so confused when the ref took it away! It was hysterical.

My mom took this photo. It's my favorite.

Benjamin did great during the games. I know it was a long day for him too.

Being silly. He's good at that.

Glenn would push Benjamin fast across the court. He loved it.

My boys.

Caleb is squeezing the life out of me in this photo!

It was so fun watching Caleb play basketball. He just seems so comfortable and confident out there. I was really proud of him.


Tracy Jensen said...

Awesome pics Cassie!!! What a great experience for Caleb....and even cooler was meeting friends!!! Looks like a great time!!!!!!

Jill said...

Totally unreal cuteness!!

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