Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A Prayer-Filled Purpose for Christmas Cards

When I had the genius idea to do the SB Christmas Card Exchange, I had already decided that I wouldn't just toss all those cards received after the holidays were over. My SB family is, just that...family. I knew I wanted to keep the cards. I stumbled across this idea of creating a "book" as a way of keeping all the cards together. So, I made my own (using the template located on the link above).

So cute right?
(click the link above to download)

I had another idea. I wanted to pick a Christmas card at random and then pray specifically for that person/family for a week. I received about 57 cards this year so I'll pick a card (randomly) each week for the rest of the year, I'll have to double up a few times since I have more than 52 cards. I thought this was such a great idea and it turns out I'm not the only smart person in the world because a couple of days ago I read this post. This family started using their Christmas cards as a way to have purposeful prayer for a specific person/family. I know that prayer is something I struggle with. I don't always take the time to specifically pray for others. And I'm not likely to pray for someone or their family unless I know a specific need they have. By choosing a new card each week I'll have the opportunity to pray for a family just because. Once I draw a new card at the beginning of each week, I'll probably let the person/family know that I'll be praying for them all week and to let me know if they have any specific prayer requests. I'm really excited about doing this. I wanted a good location for the card so I would be reminded several times a day to pray. So I made this:

It's just a simple frame I made using scrapbook paper, ribbon and some letters I already had. I put magnets on the back to I can stick it to the fridge. Every week I'll put the Christmas card in the frame. Let's face it, I go to the fridge about 63 times a day so there will be a lot of opportunity for me to pray. I just love this idea. I'm excited to see what develops by doing this.

I encourage all of you reading this to do the same thing. Who's with me?

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