Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ronald McDonald House

After about a week in a hotel room we finally got into the Ronald McDonald House of Greater Cincinnati. RMH always has a lengthy wait list so there is never any guarantee that you will get it. We only had 4 nights there before we headed back to Texas but we are so thankful for those few days. This place is amazing. We have never stayed in a RMH before and it exceeded my expectations. What a blessing to have such a wonderful place for families to stay while their child is receiving treatment at the Children's hospital.

Glenn getting cozy with Ronald. Every time we passed by Ronald, Benjamin would say, "I don't like clowns".

This house is pretty big with 80 rooms. It is a really nice place.

A fully stocked playroom.

A sweet game room complete with a pool table, air hockey, pin ball, and even Mrs. PacMan!

There is a large common eating area connecting to a humongous kitchen. Dozens of volunteers come each day to prepare meals and snacks. You definitely don't go hungry at the RMH.

A nice library.

RMH was right across the street from the hospital.

Our hotel didn't have a laundry room so I had no way of washing clothes. I was so excited to have access to a washer and dryer once we got to RMH. Benjamin helped by pulling the basket.

The boys favorite thing about staying at RMH?

It was so nice for the boys to have a place to play. Small hotel rooms are not kid friendly but RMH is! We spent hours on this playground.

Caleb decided to tackle the climbing wall right away.

I think this counts as physical therapy folks!

He made it to the top.

He decided to tackle the ladder next.

Benjamin found some fast wheels.

The boys had so much fun. The weather was absolutely gorgeous the entire time we were there.

Perhaps the best part of our stay at RMH is the new friends we made. Caleb met a couple of boys and the three of them became quick friends. The boys all exchanged addresses so they can keep in touch. So cute.

Bottom Line: The Ronald McDonald House is amazing and a tremendous blessing to so many families. We are so thankful for our time there, albeit short. 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Last Call for a "Wheelie Awesome" t-shirt

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Friday, August 16, 2013

EnterTRAINment Junction

When I learned that the world's largest indoor train display was located less than half an hour from Cinci, I knew we had to go. Benjamin loves trains so we chose this activity just for him.

Benjamin thought it was so cool that there was a real train sign.

Steps are available so the little ones can see all the displays. Benjamin carried his step around the entire place.

There was also a large play area for kids. The boys had a lot of fun there.

Caleb working hard to climb the play equipment.

The displays were really detailed. It was amazing.

The lights inside the building would cycle on and off to mimic day and night. When it got dark the lights on the displays would illuminate. 

Coney Island display.

He loved this place.

This boy loves trains.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cincinnati Zoo

Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures. We spent 6 hours at the Cincinnati Zoo. It was fantastic. This zoo was definitely better than any zoo we have ever been to. Just fantastic.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous. If you go to the zoo in August in will die. You will literally melt. Not in Cinci folks. It was so pretty outside. A beautiful day indeed.

I love the look on Benjamin's face.

Checkin' out some insects.

One of my favorite things about this zoo was almost everything, including the indoor and outdoor exhibits, were at eye-level with Caleb. He was able to see almost everything from his chair. There were a couple of spots where he had to stand up a bit to see but for the most part everything was eye-level. Our zoo at home is not like that, Caleb can't see anything from his chair. 

Benjamin's reaction to a giant tarantula. Yikes!

Caleb's reaction to a bunch of giant thoughts exactly.

Observing the honey bees at work.

There was a really neat exhibit on leaf cutter ants. There were tubes around the room so that you could see the ants traveling back and forth carrying their pieces of leaf. 

 We loved the gorillas. It was so cute because the baby was tightly wrapped around his momma's leg. So cute.

Serious Dude.

"Whoo goes there"

The tiger just kept pacing back and forth by the glass. The boys thought he was pretty cool.

A quick break for lunch.

This kid can tear up an apple

Checking their wingspan.

I seriously thought these gators were statues...they were not.

"Hey mom, look at this snake!"

The boys got to "pet" this big guy. That was another thing I loved about this zoo. They had several opportunities for kids to get up close to the animals. It was really neat.

Benjamin was so excited that the zoo had a train. He couldn't wait to get on it.

The petting zoo was a big hit.

Those goats will scale the fence just to get a bite of food.

Random peacocks crossing the track. 

I love this pic. It looks like Benjamin is challenging this peacock to a fight.

After our peacock encounter, we rode the train. That's a happy boy right there.

Petting a snake! Caleb was pretty proud of himself.

The giraffe exhibit was really cool. The viewing area was up high so that you were basically eye-level with these incredibly tall creatures. I have never been to a zoo like that. It was really a neat experience seeing the giraffes up close and on their level.

Another great exhibit that Caleb could see completely from his chair. Wonderful.

The male giraffe was in a separate holding area but you could see him through the glass. He walked right over to the glass. The boys thought that was pretty cool.

The zoo is exhausting.

The Polar Bear exhibit was definitely a family favorite.

This giant polar bear kept swimming by the glass where the boys were watching.

It was the coolest thing.

Seriously, Caleb loved it. He sat there forever just watching this polar bear swim.


Benjamin with his head inside a gators mouth, thankfully this one was a statue.

Some of the other critters we saw at the Cincinnati Zoo.

We had the best time. The boys loved it and they actually wanted to stay 6 hours wasn't long enough!!

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