Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2nd Annual Spina Bifida Christmas Card Exchange

Just a friendly reminder that there are only a few days left to sign up for the 2nd Annual SB Christmas Card Exchange. It is so much fun so don't miss out. Email sbcardexchange@gmail(dot)com if you want to participate.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Family Camp 2013

This past weekend was our most favorite weekend of the entire year. Family Camp. We are so blessed to have a local SB chapter that sponsors this wonderful weekend every year. A weekend with fellow SB families. A weekend with long time friends. A weekend of making new friends. A weekend at the fantastic Camp John Marc. A weekend our family looks forward to all year long.

I took over 300 brace yourself for photo overload.

Everyone meets in the dining hall for a quick dinner on Friday night. The kids immediately find each other and play. They hang out, they chat, they make new friends. It is so fun to watch.
Bryce, Caleb, Matthew

 After dinner, everyone heads to the Silo for an evening of fun and games.

Snow cones!

Giant connect 4 game. 

Benjamin had a blast building towers with these stacking cups.

Building is fun...but tearing down is better.

We were up and at 'em on Saturday morning. The boys were ready for a fun-filled day.
Daddy long leg spiders were everyone. The boys loved it.

Headed to the dining hall for breakfast.

Cute pose for the camera.

Making some oobleck at "weird science"

This place is amazing. I love it here. I want to live here.

Sports and games in the recreation barn. Caleb had a blast.

Bryce showing the boys his new pet Praying Mantis.

Time for some fishing.

This place is amazing. Did I mention that I want to live here?

Caught a catfish! It was a big one too.

One of the highlights for me this weekend was watching Benjamin make a new friend. He met a boy named Kohen and they were fast friends. These two had so much fun together. They pretended to be secret agents, they laughed together, made light sabers out of sticks, and chatted. 
Watching Benjamin and Kohen play caused me to have a little "aha!" moment. I got to thinking about Caleb and how I want other kids to see past his wheelchair and past his braces. I want them to see past the fact that Caleb can't walk. I want them to just see Caleb, a really cool 8 year old. I want kids to accept him and just be a good friend. And then I realized that Benjamin is that kid. Benjamin is the kid looking past the wheelchair. He is the kid that gets down on the floor and crawls because his new friend doesn't walk. He is the kid that just wants to play and hang out with his new friend. Benjamin didn't care that his new friend had a wheelchair. He just wanted to play.

Benjamin doesn't think twice about a wheelchair because he has been around one his entire life. He doesn't think twice about a kid that crawls around on the floor because he sees his big brother do it every day. Benjamin just saw a kid that was really fun to hang out with. We were excited to learn that Kohen and his family live pretty close by so our boys will play again soon.

"Hey want to feel my shunt, it's right here." Love this photo and the entire conversation that took place. Two boy comparing shunts. Awesome.

SB brings us all together. So thankful for all of these people. Many of these families have been in our lives since Caleb was itty bitty. I have seen so many of these kids grow up right along side Caleb.

Because Caleb is 8 years old he officially graduation from Family Camp. This was our last year at family camp. Once the child turns 8 they are old enough for the week long camp in the summer for kids with SB. While we are so sad that this was our last year, we are so thankful that Caleb can continue to come every summer and spend a week with kids just like him. Camp John Marc is a wonderful place and our family has truly been blessed by the last 7 years.

Seriously, this place is amazing. I really do want to live here.

Over 300 photos take and this is the only family shot.

Benjamin 5 minutes after we left camp. The boy was tuckered out.

If you are bored and have nothing better to do, you can check out all of our Family Camp trips:

Friday, November 08, 2013

SB Christmas Card Exchange

Well it's that time of year again folks, the 2nd Annual Spina Bifida Christmas Card Exchange! Yay! I had the genius idea last year to start this Christmas card exchange between fellow SB families. It was a huge success with over 70 families participating. I loved going to the mailbox every day and finding one, two, three or even four Christmas cards from fellow SB families. It was so much fun. So I'm doing it again this year.

(all my cards from last year!)

If you would like to participate in the SB Christmas card exchange then email me at sbcardexchange@gmail(dot)com

I need your name and address plus your child's name (SB). I'll take addresses through November and then I'll send out the list through email on December 1st. Last year I broke the list into groups of about 15-18 families and I plan to do something similar this year. Don't worry, you aren't expected to send 70 Christmast Cards....unless you want to. :)

Email the address above if you want to participate!

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Basketball Tournament

Caleb had his first basketball tournament of the season this past Saturday. It was out of town but close enough that we decided to just make it a day trip instead of booking a room. The drive took about 3 1/2 hours so we had to head out before the sun.

The boys were pretty excited about our road trip.

Caleb getting some last minute defense advice from Coach Michelle.

Waiting to go on the court. Good grief, he looks so grown up.

The younger kids (like Caleb) play defense because making a basket just isn't likely yet. Yet. I was super proud of Caleb, he did a great job on defense. Even those young kids can be pretty aggressive out there but Caleb held his own.

The Dallas Jr. Wheelchair Mavericks played 3 games and they won all 3 games. Undefeated!
Caleb and Bryce. #1 baby!!

So proud of that 1st place medal.

I am so thankful for this sport and that we have such a fantastic program available to us. I've seen Caleb's confidence grow as a result of playing basketball. He loves it. And I love watching him on the court.

The 1st place win was definitely a high point of the day but that wasn't the only high. I had the wonderful privilege of meeting a fellow SB mom that I have known for years but have never met. Wheelchair basketball brought us together.

It was so great to meet Kari and her wonderful family. Such a blessing.

So fun to see Caleb and Toby meet as well. Seriously these boys look related.

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