Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I've said it before and I'll say it again, we are so blessed to live in an area with so many fun adaptive sports! RISE is one of the local organizations that sponsor a variety of adaptive sports. It's a wonderful organization and we try to hit up as many of their events as we can. Back in 2012, RISE started hosting an adaptive skate event at a local skate park.

You might remember this pic from that year:

Caleb got to meet Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham.
(how cute is Caleb with those front teeth missing?)

And a pic from the 2013 adaptive skate event:

This year, RISE took a somewhat different approach by including skateboarding, BMX, and WCMX all in one venue. It was a 2 day event. The first day was mostly for spectators to come and watch so we headed out there for a few hours to check it out. 

Is it just me or does he look half-grown? Oy.
He was so excited to see Wheelz and Christiaan Otter Bailey show off their tricks.

Benjamin kept himself entertained by practicing his ninja moves.

Watching some BMX.

Watching the athletes do their tricks inspired Caleb to try his own. He would grab the rails and tip his chair to the side. It was fun to watch him try new things in his chair. I guess he was inspired :).

Caleb was just itching to get on the ramps that first day, and he finally got his chance on day two.

Caleb spent almost 4 hours on the ramps. 4 hours.

He took a short break to do a news interview! He's getting a mic in this pic.

Caleb got to hang around Wheelz quite a bit. Caleb is even sporting his Wheelz shirt. 

Wheelz showing some of his moves. So much fun to watch.

Caleb rolled up to Wheelz and said "Hey, look what I can do." and then proceeded to do a wheelie! Cracked me up.

I'm pretty sure Caleb is giving Wheelz some pointers.

It was really neat to watch Aaron not only do his amazing tricks but to also watch him get ready for tricks. It is serious hard work getting up on those ramps.

Getting ready for his most famous trick.

A wheelchair backflip! This is was so much fun to see in person! It's just crazy. 

Caleb got to see first hand how hard these athletes work. They are determined and focused. They fall, and fall, and fall again but they get back up. They keep trying until they land the trick. I don't necessarily want Caleb to try a wheelchair backflip (yikes!) but I do want him to see what's possible. And I do want him to see that you can't give up when you are trying to reach a goal. 

It was such a fun 2 day event, I'm so glad we were able to see all these amazing athletes in person. It was a privilege to be a part of it.

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Jen said...

it is crazy cool that you guys have such great events so near you! I bet Caleb loved every minute of that! I had never thought about how Wheelz got up to the top of those ramps before today. That is a lot of work. A whole new level of respect.

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