Thursday, May 22, 2014

First day of summer breakfast celebration!

Yesterday was our last day of school. Yay! Even though I had told the boys several times that our homeschool year was winding down AND I told them multiple times yesterday that it was our last day...I don't think they fully understood that we were actually done. With public school there are lots of events, activities, field trips, and award ceremonies to show that the end of the year is approaching. We didn't really have that with homeschool so I wanted to do something special to show the boys that our school year was finished and our summer was starting.

The boys woke up this morning to see that the table had been transformed into a "First Day of Summer Breakfast Celebration!"

I made each one a certificate of achievement.

The pool noodle looking thing is actually a water gun. They loved these...except they are using them as swords to beat each other with. Oh well.

No breakfast celebration is complete without donuts (a rare treat in our house).

Lickin' the yummy goodness.

So was all of this necessary? No. Do I try too hard sometimes? Maybe. But it only took about $10 and 30 minutes of my time. A small price to pay for 2 happy boys who finally realized their summer had officially started. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

First year of homeschool: DONE!!

Today was the final day to our homeschool year! The last day! I did it!! I survived my first year as a homeschooling mom and (more importantly) so did my boys. I just took some time to read my post from last April when I first made the decision to homeschool. I found myself getting all teary eyed as I remembered  why I made this decision in the first place. I can honestly say that I have been so blessed by this past year. I want to take the time to write out how much this past year has meant to me and what it has done for my family...and I'll get to that. For now, let's just enjoy the completion of our first year with some cute photos.

He's so cute. I love this kid. I'm super excited to tackle Kindergarten with this fire ball.

I had the privilege of seeing first hand how smart this kid is. He is officially a 3rd grader. Wow.

This is me jumping for joy. I guess I jumped too high because my head didn't quite make it into the photo!

Woo Hoo!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Saturday at the nature park

Despite our many trips to the local nature park for our homeschool nature walks, Glenn has never been to our new nature park. We changed that this past Saturday. It was a beautiful day. Summer is fast approaching here in Texas so you have to take advantage of the mild temps while you can.

Benjamin goes through these "I love" phases. First it was "I love bunnies", then "I love Tarantulas", then "I love snakes." Now it is "I love beetles". He took his stuffed beetle to the nature park and we had to hunt for beetles while we were there. 

Glenn got a lesson in how much fun it is to push a wheelchair through the "ADA compliant" trails. I learned long ago that ADA compliant does not mean wheelchair friendly. Caleb loves the nature park so we push though...literally.

This is the tree house, it is set really high off the ground. Caleb loves bird watching so this is the perfect spot for him.

We found a bug.

Rock climbing in search of beetles. 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Botanical Gardens

I took the boys (or I tried to take the boys) to the museum yesterday. Bad idea. I should know better than to go to a museum at the end of a school year. There must have been 45 different schools there. Kids everywhere. Everywhere. We could barely move around the place. Benjamin was clutching on to me for dear life and Caleb was so overstimulated that he was zipping around all over the place. It was a crazy mess. We left. I had already packed us a lunch to eat at the museum so I decided to head over to the Botanical Gardens instead. 

Why does Caleb keep giving me these toothy grins? 

Benjamin's toothy grin. :)

Most of my pictures of Caleb are of the side of his face (like this)....

...or the back of his head (like this). This nature boy was in heaven at the gardens. He loves all things nature, especially birds. He was tickled to see several cardinals and a blue jay. 

Back of head again.

Benjamin looks at the camera for me. I think he was getting pretty sick of posing for pictures though. I think my boys find all my photo taking a bit annoying.

I finally get the boy to look at the camera and this is the face I get. Forced smile, ya think?


Did you get enough of the back of his head yet? I love that he loves nature so much. He wants to be a naturalist one day.

I noticed while we were walking around the gardens that we were in the same spot we had our photos done back in 2010. For fun, I had Benjamin sit on the exact same bench. He's grown a bit. :)

Thursday, May 08, 2014


Our local zoo offers homeschool education classes and Caleb went to a class about birds earlier this week. This was the perfect class for him because he loves all things birds. Notice his most recent library book selection:

He has taken this book to the park and he took it to his zoo education class.

Benjamin isn't quite old enough for the homeschool classes so he and I walked around the zoo while Caleb was in class. It was fun to have some one-on-one time with my little man. Benjamin is really interested in spiders, specifically tarantulas right now so that was pretty much all he cared to see at the zoo. I practically had to force him to look at other animals.

 The zoo had several of these gigantic displays of different critters.
Yep, he thought the giant spider was pretty cool. I love the look on his face.

Benjamin was in heaven over this giant tarantula. He couldn't get enough of this furry guy.

I'm pretty sure I'll be having nightmares for a week though. I'm not a fan of spiders, especially giant ones that could eat my face. Benjamin really wants a pet tarantula....sorry buddy, that ain't going to happen.

Giant scorpion. 

When Caleb was done with his class, we spent a few more hours at the zoo. 

Caleb admiring an eagle. He could and would look at birds all day.

Not too crowded, huh? :)

Wednesday, May 07, 2014


I'm a bit late posting pictures from Easter weekend, but better late than never right? We had a family get together at Granny and PawPaw's house. We had a cookout, egg hunt, and plenty of playtime with the cousins.

Benjamin made friends with a grasshopper. 

Not too sure what he is doing here....trying to dribble, maybe? He looks like he is having fun regardless. 

Time to find some eggs! Benjamin was so excited because he found the "golden egg" that had $5 in it! 

All the cousins together. My boys always enjoy seeing their cousins. 

With my most favorite 5 year old. I love this kid.

Caleb enjoying the swing. This one goes way higher than the tiny swing in our backyard. The kids love it. 

I think he's having fun. 

This may be my favorite picture. He's sassin' me here. I'm getting a bit of attitude from the 8 year old, with a dash of back talkin'. That sassin' and back talkin' led to this...

He was "grounded" from all forms of mindless entertainment (Wii, tablet, t.v.) so he created a bird watching list and kept track of all the birds he saw outside the window. Sometimes a little boredom is good for a sassin', back talkin' boy. I still love him.

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