Thursday, June 19, 2014

WCMX with Rise Adaptive Sports

After a very successful WCMX event in April, Rise Adaptive Sports (a local organization that sponsors a variety of adaptive sports-they are amazing!) decided to start regular WCMX clinics. They had the first clinic last night.

Boy wasted no time getting on the ramps.

This is what I get when I say "Hey Benjamin, smile for the camera". Stinker. 

Sizing up the ramp.

While the kids got plenty of free time to just play on ramps, they also met with an instructor to practice specific skills and techniques. I love that.

Benjamin and daddy had their own fun on the ramps.

Checking out the half pipe. I have no idea how Glenn got up there. Seriously, no clue.

Benjamin is training to be on America Ninja Warrior (my boys love that show!) He's working hard to get up that warped wall (if you watch Ninja Warrior then you will get that reference).

This was a crazy big least to this momma's eyes. Caleb raced down it as I held my breath.

My boys.

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