Monday, July 21, 2014

Aquarium at Fair Park

This past weekend we took the boys to the Children's Aquarium at Fair Park. None of us had ever been so we thought it would be fun to try something new.

With my boys outside the aquarium. For some reason Caleb puts me in a head-lock every time we take a pic together.

The aquarium was so cool. They had touch tanks available so you could actually put your hands on some really neat creatures. I can't believe we have lived in the area our whole lives and have never been here! 

Checking out a 75 year old, 200 pound snapping turtle.

At Sting Ray Bay you could actually touch sting rays. It was so cool.

Caleb loved it. I think he would have stayed there all day petting sting rays.

Benjamin did touch one sting ray....that was enough for him. He loved watching them though.

The large viewing tank was a big hit with the boys as well. 

I love the look on his face. 

Jelly fish kiss.

After the aquarium we decided to walk around Fair Park. Again, I can't believe we have lived in this area our whole lives and have never been here!

Trying to sneak up on a pigeon....he didn't have much luck.

Another head-lock.

He couldn't resist zooming down this ramp at full speed!

Caleb actually took this photo. He did a pretty good job. 

New Paint Job

After two years of use, Caleb's wheelchair was in desperate need of a paint job. Luckily we've got a good friend that was willing to help us out. He took Caleb's chair apart and got it prepped and ready for powder coat.

Someone said it looked like an episode of "Bones" but with wheelchair parts.

Choosing a new paint color proved to be quite a challenge. We had way too many choices and Caleb was all over the place. He changed his mind about 13 times. But in the end this is what he decided on...

We even had the back bars painted for an extra burst of color (they used to be black).

The color really is gorgeous. The pictures don't quite do it justice. I love the contrast of the green spokes against the blue frame.

Lookin' good!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Slip'n and Slide'n

It's crazy hot in Texas right now. Summers here are miserable...and it's only July. Oy! Anyway, this is how we cool off.

2 big boys in 1 tiny pool.

Caleb loves his swim goggles. Loves them.

Give the kid an inch of water and he will find a way to use his swim goggles.

Holding his nose and everything. Cracks me up.

Benjamin sportin' his own pair of swim goggles. 

This Slip'n Slide was the best $12 I ever spent. The boys love it.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

"How does Caleb....?"

Welcome to installment two of a new blog post series that I like to call: "How does Caleb....?" The first video I shared last week was a huge hit and many of you have already made requests for things that you want to see Caleb doing. Today I'm sharing a video of Caleb getting in and out of the bathtub. This was a HUGE deal for us. Putting Caleb in and taking Caleb out (especially when he is all wet and slippery) of the bathtub was hard. He's heavy. Not to mention he is getting older and he needs to be able to do these things on his own. So, we figured out a way that he could do it on his own. Here's how he does it (don't worry he is fully clothed in the video). :)

It took a lot of practice for him to be able to do this. It was not easy at first. We've had that green cube chair for years and have used it for many things. It makes a great transition seat for Caleb when he is getting into the bath and he also uses it to help pull himself out.

Here is a link to see these chairs on Amazon. You can flip it different way to get different heights. We use it all the time. 

Independence with the bathtub has been so great. It has truly saved my back!  I hope this video is helpful to some of you. Several of you have asked to see how Caleb gets in and out of the car. I'll work on that one soon. Feel free to leave other suggestions if there is something else you want to see. 

Monday, July 07, 2014

Trip to the Trinity River Audubon

Over the weekend we took the boys to the Trinity River Audubon Center. I had heard good things about it and was anxious to take the boys.

Checking out some snake skin. Benjamin is very interested in reptiles right now. First it was spiders, then insects, now lizards.

Saying  hello to a bullfrog. 

Making animal tracks.

This was really cool. It was a dissected frog with all of the organs labeled. 

Making a river.

The boys loved seeing this bee hanging out in the flower. 

Maybe you noticed that Caleb is in a tiny red chair that he is WAY too big for. We are having his green chair repainted so he's having to use his old chair for now. 

It was a really neat place with a lot of trails (a little tricky for a wheelchair) to explore. We enjoyed it, except for one thing....chiggers! Somehow Glenn and I got chewed up by chiggers (Glenn got the worst of it). This is my first experience with chiggers and they are not fun. I'm so glad the boys didn't get any bites. Oy!

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