Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014: Wild Kratts Style!

Both of my boys love, love, love the show Wild Kratts on PBS. I love it too. So when they decided to be the Kratt brothers for Halloween, I was excited. I found some great ideas for making creature power suits on the cheap; and I was ready to make Caleb's chair look like the Createrra.

Here was my inspiration:

Martin and Chris Kratt.

The Createrra

Easy enough, right?

Wheelchair turned Createrra!

Not too shabby for a homemade costume, if I do say so myself.

Talking on his Creature Pod.
Benjamin loved his costume. He was so excited to wear it. 

Here's how I made the costumes:

I bought black v-neck tshirts and cut off the sleeves to make them look more like vests. I used blue/green felt for the design. I hand stitched these...because I don't own a sewing machine. I put a small velcro circle in the center to hold the Creature Power Disc.

I made Benjamin a Creature Pod using cardboard that I painted blue. I found the photo online, printed and then laminated it. I added some buttons and a wrist strap made out of felt. 

Benjamin wanted something to hold the Creature Discs in, so I made this pouch out of black felt (again, hand stitched) in about 10 minutes. Super easy. The Creature Power Discs I found online, printed and then laminated.

$1 black gloves that I stitched felt to.

 You can go to the Wheelchair Costume blog for detailed instructions on how I made the Createrra.
As always, cardboard and a hot glue gun are my main tools.

This may have been one of the easiest wheelchair costumes I've made. The Createrra was pretty simple and didn't take me long at all to put together. I think I only spent about $25. I'm pretty proud of it!


Anonymous said...

Woohoo love it
The best part ? The smiles on their faces ;-)

Nicky said...

Wow! Awesome costumes! We don't celebrate Halloween in my country, but I think we should. Because of the costumes! :D

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