Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Shreddin' with WCMX

It's been awhile but we managed to get Caleb to another WCMX clinic last week. 

"Look ma, no wheelie bar!"

We've been letting Caleb use his wheelchair without the wheelie bar attachment. He's nine so it's about time (maybe past time) for us to ditch the bar. He has spent quite a bit of time wheeling around our house with a helmet on while he practices. He is doing amazing. It gives me a heart attack of course. I just try not to watch. He loves not having it on though because he can really wheelie far back. Plus I think he likes scaring me.

While Bubba was shreddin' on the ramps, Benjamin was running around like a maniac. This boy is pure energy folks. Seriously. 

Love him.

Caleb did tackle one rather large ramp (at least large in this momma's eyes) but I didn't get a picture of it. I couldn't watch because I was so afraid he would tip backwards without his bar on. He didn't of course. He did great...as usual. 

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Nicky said...

I love how much independence you give Caleb. I still have to have the safety back wheel - my mum's orders. It doesn't bother me now, because I know that she feels calmer because of all the broken bones I had as a child. But when I was a teenager, I often argued with her about it.

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