Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Spina Bifida Awareness Month

October is SB awareness month. I love this month. I love that people are talking about SB, sharing photos and stories. It's awesome. We are only 8 days into SB awareness month and already our SB kids are everywhere!

You have to watch this video of some awesome kids (and a couple of adults) with Spina Bifida shakin' it to Taylor Swift's song "Shake it Off". This video will bless your socks off. Caleb isn't in it....I was too lazy to send in a video clip but many of his buddies are. Take a look.

These next couple of stories aren't necessarily about SB but they do feature Caleb and his awesomeness, plus a little blurb about SB. Last week I was contacted by; they wanted to run a story about wheelchair costumes for Halloween. Click the link to see the story.

After the story was posted, I heard from a couple of other news sites that wanted to run a similar story about Caleb. Here is a link to a story that ran on several different ABC news sites across the country.

From what I can tell, the feedback on these stories have been pretty positive. I admit that I was a little hesitant to share Caleb and his costumes with the world, given what happened to one of his photos a few years ago. But, I decided that I didn't want one fool (or a handful of fools) to keep me from sharing Caleb's story. Part of SB awareness month is sharing the lives of those living with SB. I decided to share Caleb. Hopefully I made the right choice. I think I did.

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