Thursday, October 23, 2014

Zoo Field Trip

Today the boys had a field trip to the zoo with Sonshine Club (one day a week co-op/mother's day out for homeschoolers). It was a great opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous weather and to meet some of their new friends. We had a great day.

Right when we got to the zoo there was a presentation with a few birds of prey and some other animals. I've mentioned before that Caleb is quite obsessed with birds.

 As you can see, he was very interested in the program. This is so his element. 

My boys.

 Both boys got up close and personal with some birds. I think this was a highlight for both of them.

This child is in heaven right now. He loves birds. Loves them. And he is so knowledgeable about them. He spends hours and hours pouring over his bird books, studying, learning, and marveling at their beauty. The other day he thought he saw an American Dipper bird in our backyard so I went to get his North America Bird book (it has over 700 pages people) and Caleb knew exactly what page the American Dipper was on! The exact page! It was remarkable. 

He's so handsome. He looks so grown up all of a sudden, maybe the longer hair makes him look older. He wants to grow his hair out and it's starting to curl a little. Adorable.

Benjamin loved seeing the birds up close too. 

Even Glenn made a bird friend.

All personality this kid.

Can you see the band-aid on Caleb's chin? Not so funny story: Caleb had his eyes set on the Harpy Eagle, so much so that he didn't see the huge drop off a curb in front of him. I saw it happening in slow motion and was absolutely powerless to do anything.  He went right over that curb in his chair...and landed on his face. On concrete people. Oy. How this precious child didn't break his face in that fall is a mystery to me. He managed to only scratch his chin. It could have been much worse. Once I realized he was okay....and my hands stopped shaking....and my heart settled down, I gave him a good mom lecture about looking where he is going! 

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