Sunday, November 02, 2014

Our 15 minutes of fame

"15 minutes of fame is short-lived media publicity or celebrity of an individual or phenomenon"

At the beginning of the month, I mentioned that Caleb's wheelchair costumes were starting to get a little buzz online. It started with a Today story and then it just exploded from there. I was getting several emails a day from media sites wanting to run the story. It was crazy. I couldn't keep up. Here is a list of some of the larger sites that ran the story.

Good Housekeeping

BabyCenter Blog

The Gloss

Scary Mommy


RedBook Magazine

Life and Style Weekly

Today (the article that started it all)

Huffington Post (my favorite)

People (this one was kinda exciting)

A local story: Star-Telegram

We even got some international love!

1023 Clear FM


Joe Monster

And that's just some of the articles. There are far too many to list here. If you read any of the above stories, I recommend the Huffington Post piece. That one was my favorite. They did a great job of sharing my heart and the message I intended. It was perfect.

The fun didn't stop with online articles, we even  managed a couple of t.v. spots! Dr. Oz  showed a few pictures of Caleb's Halloween costumes at the very end of the show. The show aired on Halloween. It's a pretty quick segment at the very, very end. Still cool though.

AND, World News Tonight on ABC took an interest in our story and sent a camera crew to our house to film us! CRAZY!

Oh ya know, just a typical day in the McLelland house! Did I mention this was so CRAZY!


They spent about 3 hours at our house, filming and interviewing. It was insane and nerve-wracking but so much fun. The segment aired on the October 31 episode of World News Tonight. It was at the end of the show. They did a fantastic job on the story. As of right now there isn't a link to that segment so I can't share it here. If it becomes available, I'll post it. I've heard that you can watch the entire episode on Hulu and it should also be available on the WNT site.

I've spent the last few weeks trying to figure out why in the world all of this happened. And honestly, I never did come up with an answer. I am not the only one that makes wheelchair costumes, not by a long shot. Many people do it every single year, and their creations are far better than mine. It baffles me that our creations and our family got so much attention. I just tried to make the most of this very rare opportunity by sharing as much of our story as I could. It was such perfect timing because October is SB awareness month. I tried to shine a light on Spina Bifida and how God has blessed our lives through Caleb. I tried to share my heart. Hopefully that came through.

I also had some SB awareness fun on Facebook this month. I had the genius idea of creating some "Hey Girl" memes. If you are familiar with the Ryan Gosling memes, then these will make more sense. These were a big hit on Facebook :)

The past few weeks have been so crazy but so much fun. I suspect that our 15 minutes of fame is coming to a rapid close now that Halloween is over but it was fun while it lasted. I'm exhausted and ready to return to our normal, boring lives :)

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