Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend retreat with our church family

We had a super fun weekend at a beautiful retreat center with our church family. The boys were so excited and we had a blast. It was gorgeous weather and it felt really nice to get away for a couple of days. We stayed in cabins (my kind of camping), had community meals in the dining hall, S'mores by the camp fire and a full weekend of activities.

Nature found Caleb right away. This grasshopper claimed a spot on Caleb's leg as soon as we got out of the car! Benjamin named the grasshopper "Megan". 

Getting ready to head to breakfast.

This child had plenty of room to run free. He was non-stop the entire weekend. 

For the most part, the retreat center was fairly accessible for Caleb. The Dino Hike wasn't wheelchair friendly at all so Benjamin and I tackled that activity together while Dad and Caleb had fun on their own.

Benjamin loved the hike. We hiked through some very tough terrain called the Rocky Creek.

So handsome.

The water was crystal clear by the rocks. We even saw some dinosaur footprints! Benjamin thought that was pretty cool.

Waiting for his turn on the paddle boats. 

A quick thumb-sucking break.

Dad and Caleb on their boat. Dad is doing all the paddling.

The weather was gorgeous...but that water was cold!

Caleb got down in the dirt with some other boys. They were convinced they had found a meteorite and they spent quite some time examining it. 

He's a natural at archery. Look at that form. So cute I can't take it.

It was a really fun, really exhausting you can see.

He still looks like my little baby when he is asleep.

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