Sunday, December 14, 2014

December ADVENTures: Days 12-14

Our most recent December activities involved a quick trip to Oklahoma for a wheelchair basketball tournament. So, we didn't really have any special planned activities...because an overnight trip to Oklahoma was our activity. We managed to have a little fun off the court while we were in Tulsa.

December 12: Head to Oklahoma!

We arrived in Oklahoma Friday afternoon so we had some time to swim at the hotel pool.

The boys loved the indoor pool but the water was quite cool. We didn't last too long.

 The lady at the front desk told us about some cool Christmas lights down the street from the hotel. We decided to check it out. We are so glad we did!

It was amazing! Rhema Bible Church does this every year. It was spectacular. The boys were in complete awe of all the lights. 

It was quite chilly in Oklahoma.

The tunnel of lights was the big favorite. I love the look on Caleb's face. 

We have a similar event locally but it is something that you drive through in your car. There is usually a very long wait to get in and you have to pay. This was so much better than what we have at home. I loved that you could walk through the entire thing and it was completely free. 

The tunnel was really cool.

December 13: Basketball Tournament

Caleb's team had 2 games on Saturday. 

As always, it was so fun to watch Caleb play. I see him gaining confidence all the time. We are so blessed to have this team locally. I'm so thankful.

I also got the chance to meet a fellow SB mom while we were in OK. It's always so much fun to meet members of my SB family in person. Such a blessing.

December 14: Make Gingerbread Cookies

It was good to be home and sleeping in our own beds. We all slept a little late today. After breakfast we made some gingerbread cookies.

The dough smelled so good! 
(the snowman is blocking my dirty/unorganized pantry-some things don't need to be on the blog) 

Our kindness lamb sorta had a couple of days off while we were traveling. Today we wrapped up some of our freshly baked gingerbread cookies and took them across the street to some neighbors that have young kids.

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