Monday, January 12, 2015

OKC tournament

This past weekend we made another trip to Oklahoma for Caleb's basketball tournament. This time we headed to OKC instead of Tulsa. The boys were excited about our weekend road trip.

A little silliness in the car.

Caleb loves hotels. He loves cable (we don't have it at home). The first thing he wants to do is turn on the television! Not sure why he chose to watch a Shaun T. infomercial. Eventually he found a basketball game and we watched that.
Benjamin likes the king size bed.

 We haven't had much luck with the indoor pools at hotels. The water is always freezing and unbearable. This time was different.
The water was actually quite warm. The boys loved it. 

Our venue.

A little pep talk from coach before their first game.

Benjamin relaxing on the court. As always, Benjamin was such a trooper on this trip. Caleb played 3 games on Saturday so we spent several hours in the gym. Benjamin did great and I think he had as much fun as Caleb.

We got the chance to see Casey while we were in town. It's always fun to see friends.

A little brother snuggles in between games. So cute.

And now for a couple of videos.

Caleb was fouled and got to make 2 free throw shots. His very first free throws! 

He didn't make it, but he hit the net on that second shot. So close!

It turns out that Bubba isn't the only one with skills on the court. Benjamin made his very first basket, followed by about 30 more! I guess we need to find him a team to play on!

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