Thursday, January 29, 2015

"Winter" in Texas

Winter in Texas can be quite a roller coaster ride of highs in the 80's and lows in the 20's. You just never know what the weather has in store and it can change in a blink. We have enjoyed some spring like weather recently which has allowed us some outside time.

We dusted off the bikes.

We took the training wheels off of Benjamin's bike. He was less than thrilled. It turned out to be quite difficult for him...and for Daddy's back.

Benjamin had enough of trying to balance on two wheels, he wanted a go on bubba's cycle.

Earlier this week we had a perfect homeschool day. The kind of day when the boys get started on their work early and we have everything done by lunch. With a whole afternoon to do as we pleased, we headed to the park.

Benjamin tackled the playground equipment. He pretended he was a contestant on America Ninja Warrior. Caleb was the announcer and did the play-by-play as Benjamin tackled different obstacles. This was the "shaky metal ladder". Benjamin also competed in the "platforms of peril" and "tube of terror". 

I think Caleb must have reached the age where playgrounds aren't interesting. He was anxious to walk the trails and look for some birds. 

Benjamin found a stick and a hole.

Benjamin always finds a stick on his adventures. Somehow they make it home with us. We have a stack of them in our garage.

On the look-out for birds.

"Hey mom, look at me on this cliff!"

This park is on an old pecan tree orchard so there are pecans all over the place. Benjamin loved cracking the shells and eating the nuts.

 We have definitely enjoyed the weather recently. It's about to get a wee bit cooler though. We won't pack up the shorts just yet (you never really pack up your summer clothes in Texas) because you never know when the weather is going to turn warm again.

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